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Be The Hero You Want To Be! Link’s Equipment Confirmed For Monster Hunter 4 Western Release


You know, reader, I actually hunt monsters for a living. Yeah, I actually do…in my mind, but that doesn’t mean it is any less real! OK…it kind of does, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t dream of one day being a world-renowned monster hunter! Ok…it kind of does. Luckily for dreamers like myself longing to take down the beats of mythology, there’s a video game called series called ‘Monster Hunter’ by industry royalty Capcom and it’s latest iteration, simply titled ‘Monster Hunter 4’, features an armor and weapon set that’s quite familiar.

Nintendo and Capcom have come together once again to bring S-Rank hunters something very special and immeasurable exciting. It was just announced that hunters outside of Japan will be able to get their hands on an equipment set for their character that almost perfectly resembles the ‘Hero of Time’ himself, good ol’ Link. Now hard-core fans of the series will know that this was announced for Japanese versions of the game long ago but now they will feature on Western version of the game.

The equipment set includes the following items: Link’s full ‘Legend of Zelda’ costume, the Hylian Shield, the Master Sword and a ‘LoZ-style’ bow. What’s even better about this announcement? It’s accompanied by an awesome spotlight video which we’ve provided just below! Yata! Unfortunately the game is a long way away from getting it’s North American and European release with fans expecting to see it on local shelves sometime in early 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. I’m hoping it will be real early…like January the 1st. That would be nice.


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