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“Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed” Is Coming To Europe!


‘Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed’ is an odd yet immeasurably popular game that has gained quite a great deal of positive reception in the West as of late and guess what? It’s going to be making it’s way over to Europe very soon thanks to ‘NIS America’! You play as a young man named Nanashi who has recently been…killed. Well not killed, it’s more like he’s become a zombie but not the type of zombie you see in cheesy 80s films, he’s kind of just no longer alive, yet still kind of alive. It’s a little confusing but bare with me as we hack and slash our way through it.

Before fully succumbing to the darkness, Nanashi is saved by a young maiden who just so happens to work for an organization called the ‘Akiba Freedom Fighters’ who have dedicated their lives to stopping the vampire invasion one blood-sucker at a time. As Nanashi, you join the ‘Freedom Fighters’ and help in their mission to rid Akihabara of it’s vampire problem. These vampires, or ‘Synthesizers’, are weak to the sun so you’ve got to get all their clothing off of them before they suck the life out of you, something that will be easy seeing as the enemies all happen to be beautiful ladies.

Key features:

  • Faithful Recreation of Japan’s Electronics Mecca.
  • Like a virtual tour of Tokyo’s Akihabara ward, all major outdoor locations from the town have been painstakingly recreated, with over 130 real-life shops accurately represented.
  • Unique and Customizable Brawler-Style Combat.
  • Anything can be a weapon, from baseball bats to comics to motherboards, and individual clothing items may be targeted, stripped, and added to the player’s own inventory.
  • Satirical Story with Divergent Paths and Multiple Endings.
  • Playing off common anime and video game tropes for social satire, the player’s choices determine how the story progresses, leading to one of many unique endings.
  • Modern Day Setting Enhances Gameplay Options and Adds Pop Culture Feel.
  • The in-game smartphone is used to check email, read comments on “Pitter,” take sidequests, catalog ad flyers, launch apps to identify the undead, and much, much more.

European gamers in anticipation of the game are surely jumping for joy right now seeing as the game will be heading their way very soon. Though no specific release date was unveiled, we do know it will hit local shelves this Autumn which isn’t too far away if you think about it. It’s a game that has been said to feature an amazing open-world RPG gameplay system alongside a quirky and satirical storyline that will surely ave Japanese pop culture fans in stitches from the opening sequence to the final boss.

I’m finding myself more and more excite for this game each day and now that it is coming to Europe I feel as though my excitement isn’t at all going to go to waste. ‘Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed’ is set to be released this Autumn in Europe for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


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