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Akiba’s Trip Shows Off PS4 Launch Trailer


The gloves are coming off…and the shirt…and the pants…

For those who possess an interest in Japanese gaming and own a PS Vita, you may recall a little game known as Akiba’s Trip that was released not too long ago. If you haven’t heard of it, allow me to elucidate. Players take control of a character known as whatever you want to name him, a boy tricked  into becoming a vampire analogy by an evil guy. He then proceeds to fight said vampire people in the only logical way, by stripping off their clothes…because of the vampire’s weakness to the sun of course. What were you thinking?

Anyway, the game is set to receive a bigger screen release on the PS4 and is slated to come with a few additional features. Toybox Mode allows players to begin the game with a bunch of handy items, to give you a little boost before you begin to upgrade the gear you want. The game also contains a number of visual filters that allow you to change how you view good old Akihabara. How you view the world in general however, may change depending on how your livestream viewers choose to interact with you. Will they send the police to hunt you down? Will they cause pedestrians to lunge at you? Or will they make it so panties appear and float around your enemies? The possibilities are…worrying.


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