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Out of Time | Loki Episode 4

Loki may have just locked in its status as the best MCU–Disney+ series yet with this incredible fourth episode. It was one of those episodes that left you thinking it was about to cut to credits but instead it kept on going, unravelling more and more until it reached a fever pitch in its climactic final sequence that amazes and much as it intrigues. Loki really knocked it out of the ball park in an episode that was firing on all cylinders.

The episode picks up with Loki and Sylvie accepting their fate on Lamentis, holding hands as the world comes crumbling down. That is until, suddenly, this appears to cause a Nexus Event which alerts the TVA to their location. This is the first of several implications throughout the episode that Loki has taken a romantic interest in Sylvie, which is a plot thread I am still not sure how I feel about yet. After the Nexus Event hits their radar, the TVA promptly arrest them and what unfolds from here is pure brilliance. Through multiple rounds of conversation, Loki and Sylvie slowly manage to convince certain members of the TVA that they are, in fact, variants that have had their lives stolen from them. This comes a tragic head when Mobius, after discovering the truth, confronts the Judge with that knowledge and tells her, more than anywhere in space and time, he wishes he could go home to wherever he originally came from and possibly ride a jet ski if he could. The Judge orders him to be erased by her guards, which had this writer exclaiming “No!” sadly over and over until the reality set in that Mobius was no more.

That seemed like it would be the end point of the episode, but instead we are treated to a meeting with the Time Keepers themselves—with the Judge taking Loki and Sylvie to the Time Keepers in order to be erased in their presence. Things don’t go exactly to plan for the Time Keepers, thanks to one of the guards that Sylvie had enlightened about her reality earlier in the episode. Loki and Sylvie manage to fight their way through, taking out the Judge and all the guards. The Time Keepers threaten and warn Sylvie, but she responds by lobbing a blade at them and beheading their leader. Things aren’t quite as they seem though. As it turns out, the Time Keepers themselves are robots. So who exactly is running the TVA if not these fabled Time Keepers and why? It’s a question we will have to find out next week it seems, but not before one last twist hits us: with the Judge erasing Loki.

This was an episode that just kept on blowing me away with reveal after reveal. But now I am well and truly curious: what exactly is going on here? My new theory is that Kang is still behind this and had created the TVA, which is controlled by the Judge who probably is a fanatic in love with him. Kang’s goal I would imagine is to prevent a future multiverse war that actually hasn’t happened yet. He does this by trying to create a single timeline. I don’t believe at all that there is one Sacred Timeline as the TVA describes. But perhaps there is one timeline where the multiverse war doesn’t happen and Kang is trying to eliminate all other timelines to prevent it. Just a bit of a theory tossed out there.

Also, before I go, there was an awesome post credits scene here. I need to know: what is the deal with Crocodile Loki? Please tell me he gets a lot of screen time in the next episode.


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