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Not So Low-Key | Loki Episode 3

In case the premise of an near-omnipotent group of intergalactic overlords overseeing and manipulating time to their whim and will didn’t remind you of Doctor Who already, Loki‘s third episode is about as classic a Who-esque episode of television as you’ll find. Loki and his new companion Sylvie, the female Loki variant, are marooned in the year 2077 on a distant planet’s moon that is soon to be destroyed. So, how was Loki‘s take on a Doctor Who episode? Well it was pretty good actually; but, much like most Doctor Who episodes, it ended in a somewhat frustrating fashion.

The episode primarily focuses on Loki and Sylvie getting to know one another and examining the differences in their individual variant lives. As it turns out, the two seem to have lead rather different lives. We get glimpses of Syvlie’s backstory, but the show doesn’t reveal its hand fully just yet. What it does do is make it clear that Sylvie isn’t the big bad here. In fact, she seems to be rather noble in her cause because, as I had predicted in my previous write ups, it looks like the Time Keepers are bad news.

While it was interesting to dive into the psyche of both Loki and Sylvie as they traversed this desolate wasteland of a planet, and even get confirmation of Loki’s bisexuality, it felt like this was ultimately a bit of a filler episode. A lot of it featured some fun character moments—like drunk Loki on the train or the cool single-take scene at the end—but bar the big reveal that all the TVA agents are variants themselves, it felt like a somewhat unsubstantial episode that meandered its way to that big reveal moment. Furthermore, it frustratingly ended without Loki and Sylvie getting out of the situation, which means more time will be dedicated to it next week. I hope that we can move on quickly from here and back to exploring the more interesting aspects of the story.

Now that we are at the halfway point for the series, it looks like Loki will now be heading towards the ultimate end goal of confronting and revealing the Time Keepers. There are plenty of theories floating about online about their identity/identities; I’d like to posit a different theory, however. What if Mobius were actually a variant of Loki’s mother, Frigga? There has been a lot of emphasis put on the relationship between Loki and Frigga in this series and I for one think it would explain Mobius’ trust and interest in Loki. That said, it is a bit of a stretch and Mobius is most likely just some bloke that loves jet skis. Either way, now that we are starting to get some answers, I hope that Loki continues to pull back the curtain on the TVA, going forward.


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