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Double Trouble – WandaVision (Episode Three) – Season’s Writings

After the world of WandaVision entered into the age of colour television at the end of last weeks episode, we join Wanda and Vision in a Brady Bunch–style sitcom setting as they come to grips with the reality that Wanda is now pregnant—and it is progressing remarkably fast.

The episode continues the general plot of Wanda and Vision trying to keep their super abilities a secret from the other inhabitants of Westview, but the reality in which they live has well and truly begun to crumble. The surprise being that Wanda is seemingly aware of the false reality she is living in and able to manipulate it, should it venture too far from her ideal fantasy life.

There is a crucial moment midway through the episode where Vision appears to begin questioning things, telling Wanda that “Something isn’t quite right here.” With a brief look of sadness on Wanda’s face, the episode suddenly appears to glitch or skip back a few moments and Vision no longer seems to be questioning the insanity around him and lovingly quips “We’re in uncharted waters Wanda,” before giving her a kiss.

There are multiple curious moments littered throughout the episode, with the citizens of Westview behaving in more and more peculiar ways. Wanda’s neighbour Agnes makes repeated mention of her husband Ralph, and the continued implications that this as-far-yet-unseen character could possibly be Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the Devil.

As things progress and Wanda goes into labour, she is aided by neighbour Geraldine. Wanda gives birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy, and in a moment of vulnerability remarks that she had a twin brother named Pietro. Suddenly, she reverts to her Sokovian accent; her learnt American accent fades in an instant and she begins to sing to her children a Sokovian lullaby. Geraldine asks, “Didn’t Pietro get killed by Ultron?” Suddenly, the show isn’t a sitcom anymore. Wanda demands Geraldine to explain who she is and what she is doing here. Wanda switches on a dime and, in this moment, is truly scary as she stalks Geraldine across the living room. We cut outside to Vision who is overhearing the neighbours Agnes and Herb having a rather odd conversation, seemingly implying they are all trapped in this strange reality.

Vision rushes inside to find Wanda alone with the children. He asks where Geraldine is and Wanda informs him that she had to rush home. The screen suddenly switches from 4:3 old-school frame to modern-cinema framing as we see Geraldine violently ejected from Westview and into what looks to be the outside world. It becomes immediately clear that Wanda has somehow created a fantasy reality for herself inside of this little town, and every one inside of it may very well be trapped. How did Wanda achieve this? Is she fully aware of the situation? She most certainly has control over the reality to some extent, but it is clear that the lid has well and truly blown off here now.

Overall, I thought this was the best episode of WandaVision yet, as it provided both the classic sitcom format that I enjoyed so much of the first two episodes while also pulling back some of the layers on the deeper mystery at hand here. My current going theory is that Wanda has made some kind of deal with Mephisto; but, as is often the case in the Marvel comics, those deals with the devil often have a significant price to be paid. What price has Wanda paid? Time will tell.


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