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Agatha All Along – WandaVision (Episode Seven) – Season’s Writings

Well, it looks like the theories were right. Agnes is Agatha Harkness and—as we learn in the chilling musical number that concludes this episode—when it comes to many of the series questions and mysteries, well, it is was Agatha all along.

Fans of the Scarlet Witch comics would be familiar with the character of Agatha Harkness, a super-powered witch who has both served as a mentor and antagonist to Wanda in the comics. Many had theorised that Agnes was an abbreviation of Agatha Harkness and we learn here that that was correct.

The episode opens in what is now a 2010s-style mockumentary sitcom, in the same vein as Modern Family or The Office. We discover that Wanda is slowly losing control of the world around her, as items are changing appearance without her say so, and things generally just seem to be falling apart. Lucky for Wanda, Agnes rocks up just in time to take care of the kids and give her some “me time”.

On the other side of town is Vision, who is back to life and retains his memories of his journey through the Hex barrier. He meets Darcy Lewis, who was trapped in the Hex, and the two have some incredible comedic banter—with Darcy rejecting the unintentional come on from Vision. Soon enough, Vision uses his powers to awaken her to reality and the two decide they need to get to Wanda and try to stop her. The comedic moments between these two are honestly a highlight of this episode. If you had told me five years ago that Vision and Darcy Lewis would commit grand theft auto after punching out a clown, I would have thought you were out of your mind—but hey, it happened.

Along the road back, Darcy gives Vision a bit of a run down on his life prior to Westview which he had forgotten. He comes to understand why Wanda is doing this and Darcy remarks that, despite all of this, she knows that they both really do love each other. Anywho, despite their attempts to get back into town, it seems that Wanda is putting up countless roadblocks that are preventing them.

Back outside of the Hex, we see that Haywood is planning to go full frontal assault on the Hex and retrieve his asset. It seems that during that five year time skip, S.W.O.R.D. had been trying to reactivate Vision and potentially turn him into a weapon for them. Their attempts all appeared to have failed, but seeing that Wanda has brought him back to life seems to spark the curiosity of Haywood.

The episode doesn’t give us the “aerospace engineer” reveal, but instead we see Monica Rambeau gain super powers. She receives a space rover from her “aerospace engineer” friend—who we don’t see in this episode—but it fails to break through the Hex, which has now become more dense and hard to traverse through. Monica, however, decides that she will make her way in herself. Having already went through the Hex twice, going through the third time completely scrambles her DNA make-up, seemingly giving her some kind of energy manipulation abilities.

Monica makes her way to Wanda’s house and confronts her. Wanda loses her shit, of course, and tries to attack Monica. However, Monica is able to reverse her powers with her own, which shocks Wanda and sees Agnes suddenly come to Wanda’s aid. Agnes takes Wanda to her house and demands Monica to leave. This is where the big reveal comes.

As everything seems to be falling apart, Agnes lures Wanda into her basement to find her kids—who are nowhere to be seen. The basement looks like something straight out of Salem, and there is some kind of demonic book that is glowing, and the whole place is just generally spooky. Agnes introduces herself as Agatha Harkness and magics a musical number into Wanda’s head, revealing that she was behind everything in the series up until now.

I am left with so many questions after this episode. What does Agatha want? Who is the fake Pietro? Who is the “aerospace engineer”? What in the world is going on? Will Vision make it in time before shit hits the fan even further than it already has? WandaVision has just taken things to another level of insanity, and we still have some more surprises ahead according to some of the actors from the show. My guess is that the fake Pietro is actually Mephisto and he is working alongside Agatha. The only problem I have is, I have no idea what Agatha wants here—and what is her endgame? Is it all just to fuck with Wanda or is there some deeper motivation that we can’t yet comprehend?


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