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A Trickster in Time | Loki Episode 1

Loki’s character arc had always been defined by his quest for one thing above all else: glorious purpose. This first episode of Disney Plus’ Loki makes it clear what that glorious purpose ultimately was: that being to help unite The Avengers and set them on their path to eventually save the universe from Thanos. As Loki watches his entire life play out in the final moments of the episode, the reality sets in that that glorious purpose was achieved, but this version of Loki now stands purposeless.

The series picks up where we last saw Loki in Avengers: Endgame as he teleported away from the Battle of New York using the Tesseract. He is quickly picked up by Minutemen of the TVA (a.k.a. The Time Variance Authority). The TVA is an organisation that exist outside of time and space and monitor and maintain the “Sacred Timeline” as determined by the three great Time Keepers. Loki has become a variant and, as such, the TVA have now put him to trial for his crime against the Sacred Timeline.

We learn that there is a variant that is causing dramas throughout time, and we are introduced to Mobius as played (by Owen Wilson) who is tasked with investigating the case. The chemistry between Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston is absolutely fantastic here, and the scenes between their characters, Mobius and Loki, were a joy to watch. Mobius sees that Loki isn’t simply a villain and concocts a plan to use Loki to assist with his rogue variant problem.

One thing that stood out to me about Loki is that the show doesn’t make the same mistakes that WandaVision and, to a lesser extent, Falcon and the Winter Soldier made. It makes it pretty evident from the get go what this series is about and what you can expect. WandaVision took a few episodes to get going and it did ultimately turn off some viewers. Loki bursts out of the gate and hooks you in immediately.

The big twist reveal at the end of the episode has certainly got me excited for what is to come and, I must say, Tom Hiddleston really did an incredible job selling his range of emotions as he watched the various moments of the life that this Loki will never get to live. It was very poignant, and the tragedy behind the characters is understated in Hiddleston’s brilliant performance. I am very keen to see how this variant of Loki finds his own glorious purpose, and I think this may be an absolute home run for Marvel if they manage to stick the landing here.


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