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Weighing Words | My Hero Academia Episode 92

Sticks and stones…

What did the potential transfer student say to the Hero-in-training? Whatever he wanted, because he had a device that allowed him to alter the pitch of his voice and trick them into falling for his Brainwashing Quirk. Man, that joke is a classic; it’s also cool to watch. Shinso has always been an interesting tilt on the respect and fear that Quirks can impose all on their own. Brainwashing is a frightening power—there’s no getting around that—but to think that Shinso was almost denied even an attempt at his dream because of this: MHA society has a lot to answer for…like, seriously…some messed up stuff goes on in this world. Still, it’s nice that our blue-haired boy gets his time in the spotlight. I want him to stick around and blaze his way to the status of Hero. Also, he’s way cooler and more likable than, like, half of Class 1-B. I mean, I don’t want to step on any spiritual landmines, but shouldn’t someone have a chat with Vine? The girl thinks it’s her God-given duty to punish evil; she threatened to whip her classmate for the sin of using her as bait. Though, I suppose Bakugo yells that he’s going to kill every opponent he faces… U.A. needs to have a long talk with their entire student body: there’s some issues that need to be sorted out.

Anywho, this episode featured the conclusion of the first inter-class battle. Since Class 1-B has been largely unexplored for a long while (or at all), this fight was mostly about how Class 1-A could adapt to opponents with drive and teamwork. Case in point, destabilising teamwork works wonders in beating a team. In addition to showcasing how unnerving Shinso can be in combat, 1-A’s plan revealed just how Tsuyu and Kaminari have learnt from their previous losses and mistakes. It was nice seeing these characters get their own moments to shine, whilst also showing how much further they can go. Kirishima, for example, was considered the largest threat in the battle. Remember, the guy who lamented his simplistic Quirk? Yeah. That guy worked hard enough to be more intimidating than a guy who can expel lightning. So, work hard, kids, and one day you too can be…a substantial threat in a combat situation? …what’s the moral of this series? Does it need one? Did I even talk about the plot of this episode enough? If I didn’t can I distract from that fact by asking enough questions? …that Shinso guy is cool, right?

P.S. I guess Koda was also in this fight.

P.P.S. Somebody finally pointed out how confronting it is that Tsuyu constantly wraps people up in her tongue. Also, does that means she’s constantly tasting, like, rocks and people and stuff?


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