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Verve of Steel – My Hero Academia (Episode Forty-Three) – Season’s Writings

A Thousand Words

Poison gas is rising, fire has a bright blue glow. According to some villains, UA has to go. ‘Cause tonight for, like, the second time, roughly around midnight, just when you thought you’d seen it all, it’s gonna hit the fan. Or, to put it less lyrically, the terror of the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains is far from over, their plans seemingly unhindered by the man known as Muscular making very fast friends with a mountain. Which is bad news, in case you were wondering.

With roughly ten thousand more bone pieces than he began the night, ol’ Midoriya is looking a little worse for wear, which, by now, should no longer surprise any of us. However, unlike his bout with Todoroki, he doesn’t have the time to rest off his grievous wounds and instead makes a beeline for his friends and allies, who are apparently fighting blue fire and purple gas, both of which are very dangerous colours for those particular forms of energy/matter. Necessitous as this may be, Midoriya’s arm-flailing trek is another example of the lengths heroes must sometimes travel to live up to their own ideals. This is, of course, perfectly undercut by Eraser Head’s well travelled cynicism, noting the definitive limit creeping up on Midoriya. Even discounting the trauma of his injuries, Midoriya is so damn tired that the only reason he hasn’t collapsed is because he hasn’t had the time to figure it out for himself. Combine this with Mag (one of the other villains) noting that there is another on their squad who can shake the ground like Muscular and we’ve got ourselves yet another recipe for disaster. Which brings the grand total to, like, a million recipes for disaster…give or take.

Well, that’s unsettling…

Speaking of chaos and villains and stuff, Spinner proves to be somewhat of a conflicted figure in the most beneficial of ways. Though following the orders of Shigaraki, who yet again reminds us of how he views the world as a video game, Spinner holds Stain above all others. Though admittedly he winds up unconscious fairly quickly after beginning his monologue, we do learn that Stain’s list of approved True Heroes now encompasses Midoriya, as well as All Might. Sure, we technically knew this already, but it’s still nice to receive confirmation regarding who the lawfully evil regard as just. On the flip side of this, we are also given a hint as to why the League is after Bakugo, at least in part. With his performance and personality duly noted, it seems there are those who believe the constrictive society of right and wrong is a two-way street, with even the good finding themselves unable to express their true self. Hopefully, the bad guys are wrong and Bakugo is just a terrible person because he is a brash, arrogant teenager and not a bubbling font of evil ready to destroy all that he claims to have stood for. I mean, I don’t think he is, but Shigaraki seems to have access to some dangerous allies and I shudder to think what they would do to a so-called hero-in-training if they got their hands on him…or their teeth.

Proving his metal

Because teeth. Have I not been saying for weeks now how that guy in the straight jacket thing was creepy? Because I’ve totally been saying for weeks now how that guy in the straight jacket thing was creepy. Also, he has blade teeth and I was not expecting that. Also, I understand that costumes generally relate to the Quirk of the one who wears it, but is restricting access to your limbs really worth it, just to show off your teeth blades? Although, were I ever allied with a known cannibal, I would restrict them as much as possible. Also although, I would probably start with their mouth and not leave that the only exposed area…because of the cannibalism. Double also although, I would nope out of the entire endeavour and run as far and as fast as I could away from the guy who eats people and has blade teeth that propagate like tree branches. As such, I do not envy Bakugo or Todoroki for having to fight this guy, even though I definitely want to watch them fight this guy. And win, of course, I’m not a bad guy.

Speaking of perfect segues, how about that gas guy? What a jerk. Still, I am definitely happy that at least some of Class 1-B got a chance to show us what they can do. Doubly so given their self-proclaimed less-than-stellar Quirks. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing somebody utilise something considered worthless to pull out a victory. Honestly, in a world of immense strength and elemental control, would you have ever have thought a Quirk that could make somebody’s hands big would help save the day? I probably wouldn’t have, but I sure am glad that old me is gone. I, the new me, have assumed control and am more than willing to buy into the world My Hero puts forth. One of magic and wonder, pain and triumph, freaky cannibals and cool, under-utilised characters who can hold their own and are arguably just as qualified as some of the main cast, if not more so. Sorry, Mineta. Regardless, I’ll take any chance I can get to see some fresh faces in action and I will create more chances to remind everybody that the steel-willed, steel-skinned hero of this latest battle is named Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. It’s one of those things that leans so hard into ludicrous that it loops back around to awesome, four times over.

As the crow defies

Though not as heart-pumping as last episode and the clash of bone and muscle found within, this outing is not devoid of triumph and resolve. Namely, this episode stands to remind us that there is a world beyond the borders of Class 1-A, chock full of people trying just as hard to achieve their dream. Yes, this particular villainous circumstance is seemingly set to revolve around Bakugo and yes, Tokoyami is apparently going ballistic in a heroism-hindering manner and yes, Midoriya’s 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash will be tough to beat regardless, but…something. You know, I guess it really is difficult to upstage that kind of power and plot importance. Relish your moment Tetsutetsu, Kendo, something tells me it will be quite some time before you get another. Counterpoint: Prove me wrong and karate chop somebody with hands the size of a person. However, regardless of the outcome, I beseech each and every student of Class 1-A and Class 1-B, along with any professional in the vicinity: Stop that cannibal guy. Please, I want to sleep at night and I’m sure everybody else is tired of me prattling on about him incessantly. Him and his creepy costume and freaky power and unsettling voice…and illegal palate.



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