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Urbance Reaches KickStarter Goal


Make war, not love…

With just under a day left until its conclusion, art company Steambot’s KickStarter campaign has surpassed its funding goal, earning enough to fund its eight minute pilot episode. The series itself will be handled by Franco-Japanese animation company Yapiko Animation, who have teamed up with Hiroshi Shimuzu as animation director. Shimuzu brings a great deal of experience to the project, having taken the same role in series such as Michiko and Hatchin, Monster and Space Dandy.

In a post-modern city torn by street violence, sex is prohibited because of a deadly genetical virus infecting the entire population. Men and women have grown apart, hating each other until two young rebels, disowned by their own gangs, are leading the fight to live their love freely.”

In the crumbling inner city, sex kills. The urban landscape is split in two — men on one side, women on the other— opposing each other. COEVO seems to be the only hope: a government medical treatment developed to cure every single citizen except that those wearables haven’t produced the expected results yet…

Born among this lost generation of frustrated gangs, Kenzell and Lesya live each day as their last, defying anyone who stands in the way of their union. Like modern avatars of Romeo and Juliet, they will have to choose between love or their kind, Passion VS Reason, Deadly Eves VS Neo Blasterz… In their flamboyant relationship lies the premises of a revolution against the authorities, the vicious Mediators and their mysterious separatist laws. Rebels can change the world.


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