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United As One | To Your Eternity Episode 15

The tournament rages on in episode fifteen of To Your Eternity, with Fushi’s newfound form of Parona having some rather grim implications regarding her fate. On top of that, we get a better look into the life of the kids on the island and the humanity that lays beneath the brutality of this kill-or-be-killed society.

The episode devotes a lot of time to the building relationship between Fushi and the island girl who tricked him into going there. We learn that her name is Tonari, and it becomes clear pretty quickly that a lot of her more questionable traits are unfortunately something that has been ingrained in her throughout a life lived on this hellish island. She says to Fushi to remember to smile whenever you’re sad. It tells us a lot about this girl, because she seems to wear a permanent smile in the face of the disturbing scenes she is constantly baring witness to.

We also learn from the Maker that Fushi was able to transform into Parona because she had passed away. Interestingly, this confirms that Fushi can only become something that is no longer living. It previously seemed that he had to be at the place of someone’s death and be affected by them, but this implies that if a person left enough of an impact on him, if they were to die years later and on a completely different part of the world, he would gain access to their form after their passing. Sadly, this confirms that Parona is no more—her fate left ambiguous.

Fushi is adamant to continue his plan to save Pioran and once again fights in the tournament. In a show of mercy, Fushi allows his opponent the chance to surrender. This causes various members of the audience to begin firing arrows at the weakened opponent to finish him off. Fushi blocks most of these shots to the rage of the audience; however, one arrow connects and the man is taken away injured. Fortunately, Fushi and company are able to tend to the man’s wounds and Fushi learns that most of the people on this island are fighting to protect the ones they love: the man himself is fighting for his younger brother’s freedom. Fushi is beginning to realise the depths a person will go for the people they hold most dear: it puts the violent tendencies of the island’s folk into a new light.

Things ultimately come to an ugly head as the Knokkers once again rock up and attack. In a moment of solidarity, the island’s folk put their differences aside and help Fushi to defeat the Knokker and regain the forms of March and the giant bear. This moment where the people of the island, along with the group of kids that had been following Fushi about, all unite as one completely flips everything Fushi thought about this place on its head. One’s circumstances can drive them to depravity. It is a lesson that Fushi will need to take on as his journey continues. With the Knokker now out of the way for the time being, Fushi looks to refocus his sights on the tournament and his goal to free the people of Jananda, as well as Pioran. Something tells me that things won’t be so simple.


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