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Under the Shadow | My Hero Academia Episode 93

In the arms of a Dark Fallen Angel.

Tweet, tweet, y’all: it’s time to focus on Class 1-A’s most avian student. Normally I’d feel bad about jokingly referencing a character’s physicality, but neither Hawks or Tokoyami are above it; so, let’s see how well our resident edge lord can flock shit up. Case in point: dude can sorta fly now. That’s dope. Well, it isn’t so much flying as it is floating with style, but the effect is realistically the same. The technique isn’t quite as dramatic as the name Dark Fallen Angel would lead you to believe, but I’m always keen to see the U.A. lot utilise every detail of their Quirks. As Midoriya points out, Dark Shadow is capable of floating under his own power; always has been. Why not think of a way to use that? Heck, one of the series’ biggest turning points came from Midoriya remembering that kicks were a thing. I’m not entirely sure how well Tokoyami’s new ability will serve him in this battle, though, as his opponents seem rather well prepared for various contingencies. Speaking of…

…can 1-B get some more characterisation please? I know these episodes can’t entirely be devoted to learning about 1-B, but I wouldn’t mind a little more depth. As it stands, eighty percent of their motivation is wanting to beat Class 1-A. I get it, 1-A are the spoilt class…but I also don’t really care. Shinso rocked up and wanted to better himself to achieve his own dreams; 1-B won’t shut-up about 1-A for more than two seconds. Even the damn teacher has a chip on his shoulder, commentating the matches with a heavy bias for 1-B. I know most of it is played for humour, I get that, but I really don’t want 1-B to win. And that’s not just bias for the main cast: I just don’t care about 1-B in the slightest. I mean, Kendo’s cool and I like Tetsutetsu, but—if you can believe it—it’s because we’ve gotten something more out of them than “I don’t like 1-A ’cause they’re all, like, popular and stuff”. Also, why do 1-A keep falling for obvious traps? These kids have fought actual Villains who wanted to kill them: are they really so naïve as to be lead into an obvious trap/ambush? Evidently…yes, yes they are. I’m just not sure what we’re supposed to be seeing here. One would imagine that this test would show us how these two classes differ; how they have evolved down different paths (you know, ’cause All Might thought-spoke that exact sentiment). All I’ve seen so far is that 1-B are conniving and 1-A are gullible. That being said, this is a Shonen series; so, stuff doesn’t really count until Midoriya or Bakugo are involved. Such it is ordained.


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