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Tree Slugger – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Nineteen) – Season’s Writings

Black Flash! A-ah!

Damn, nature, you are indeed scary. In case that previous statement wasn’t eminently know, Hanami (formerly referred to, by me, as Branch Eyes) continues to absolutely decimate the forces of Jujutsu Tech. They smack Fushiguro and Arrow Guy (still don’t remember his name) around like it was nothing, and the sheer power gap between them and Inumaki (that guy what talks magic) is enough for the rebound of the latter’s technique to take him out of commission. Oh, and did I mention that even Maki gets beaten up swiftly? Remember, she’s that sorcerer who bested two powerful opponents with ease. Plus, just for good measure, Hanami also stabbed Fushiguro with a cursed branch that threatens to destroy his body. So…yeah. I’m pretty sure this all counts as dire straights. But, what’s that? On the horizon. Why, yes, it’s those lovable best friends: Itadori and Toudou!

Yep, it’s finally time to see our protagonist jump back into the fray and put his intensive, albeit brief, training to the test. Inspired by the encouragement of his best friend (and the threat that Toudou will let him die if cannot utilise a specific technique), Itadori begins his punch-offensive. Long story short, Itadori manages to almost immediately perform the Black Flash, a technique that involves imbuing cursed energy within a trillionth of a second of a strike’s impact. It sounds awesome. It looks awesome. It’s apparently something many sorcerers have never even accomplished. Of course Itadori nails it: he’s got that Shonen power. Still, a technique that bends the very fabric of space and time through sheer power is undeniably awesome. What’s also awesome is the speed and choreography that permeate the fight when Toudou jumps into the fray. The two zip around like nobody’s business, visibly impacting an opponent who trounced all previous contenders. Seriously, y’all should watch it. It looks dope.

P.S. Fushiguro’s shikigami straight up die if they’re killed: that’s sad. But their powers merge together: that’s good. And is dogs have now combined into one super predator: that’s cool.


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