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Tomorrow’s Guardians | My Hero Academia Episode 113

The future is uncertain.

Oh yeah, this series used to be about Heroes. We’ve spent a decent enough chunk of time with world-hating anarchists that that fact sort of got left behind. Well, we’re back in it and…the season is over. Drat. And for a season-ending episode…not a whole lot happened. We saw the 1-A kids showcase some new moves on a horde of (seemingly self-aware) robots and then celebrate their return to school with hot pot. It all essentially boiled down to a quick run through of the roster, making sure you remembered what everyone can do and making sure that all of 1-A got a smidge more screen time: a fun reminder of a cast less bent on destroying the world. That being said, I will point out how adorable it was that Ashido told Kirishima that her new move was based on his; maybe there’s a reason she’s so acutely aware of Uraraka’s mimicry of Midoriya. Either way, it’s always nice to see connections in 1-A that aren’t mired in familial drama or society-upending secrets.

Speaking of secrets, we are also given the briefest of glimpses into what is next for the development of One For All. On Midoriya’s side, All Might pieced together a smattering of information from the various decades in which the previous successors lived. Though only Banjo (the originator of Blackwhip) is mentioned in any sort of detail, All Might does decide on Midoriya’s next move: Float. Though it seems a little presumptuous to pick a Quirk to draw from the recesses of One For All, it does make sense. Float is a Quirk that All Might knows, it was his master’s; so, it’s really the only Quirk he can actively aid Midoriya in learning. It also doesn’t sound too intensive an ability, meaning Midoriya won’t have to immediately stack ludicrous strength on ludicrous strength. And though petty in his pride over Midoriya lagging behind to learn what he already knows, I kind of like the point Bakugo unconsciously raised: One For All isn’t a harmonious blend. As All Might said, the Quirk wasn’t gifted to Chosen Ones guided by fate, it was simply passed on to those the successor knew or trusted. Though Float sounds useful, Midoriya has a lot of aerial options already with his default strength and now Blackwhip: there’s a sort of redundancy in his abilities…and that’s neat. None of this was planned; he’s like the anti-Todoroki…but, like, way stronger. Still, most of this seems like it’s going on the backburner, what with us leaving 1-A staring down a raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front, alongside a plethora of Pro Heroes. It…it looks like all sorts of things are going to be hitting all kinds of fans next season; let’s hope it all turns out well. I mean, My Hero isn’t the sort of series to eschew simple victories to present a more sombre and engaging story…right?

P.S. Shigaraki is also undergoing some sort of evolution, you know, in case being able to destroy anything he touches or anything touching anything he touches wasn’t overpowered enough. I will say, his evolution did not look pleasant: guy’s got a tube in his stomach and stuff. Gross.

P.P.S. My Hero if you make Eri’s life any tougher than it already is you’re going to have some angry people writing some angry letters; Aizawa will probably also beat you up, angry guardian/dad that he is.


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