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To Infinity and Beyond – SK8 the Infinity (Episode Twelve) – Season’s Writings

After some ups and downs throughout the course of its run, SK8 the Infinity reaches its climax, and what better way for things to conclude than in a skateboarding deathmatch? Yes, you read that right. Langa and Adam take to a new course for their tournament final, and it is a deadly track designed by Adam himself where one wrong move could mean certain death.

The race itself takes up the majority of the focus in this final episode, with very little time for other things, but it may very well be the most exciting race in the series—only the Reki vs Adam match rivals it.

There isn’t too much to say about the race itself. It is basically a dangerous new stage where you can fall off a cliff and die, and of course Adam is repeatedly trying to assault Langa and kill him with his skateboard—which is okay, I guess? I never really understood why this is allowed and why no one has pressed charges against Adam for the grievous bodily harm he is so frequently inflicting in skateboarding races.

Of course, Langa ultimately overcomes Adam here and shows him “the light”. He reminds Adam that skating is fun and why he fell in love with it to begin with. We see a vision of Langa’s dad, who asks him if he is having fun, which Langa replies that of course he is—which was a sweet moment. Things all wrap up nicely as Langa wins and Adam, I guess, stops being a piece of shit kind of guy, maybe?

After the race concludes, we get a montage showing what everyone is up to. It seems Adam is now friends with everyone since he now sees the fun in skating. I guess we can all forgive him for brutally assaulting and hospitalising half of the main cast and attempting murder on Langa merely five minutes prior to this.

In case you were wondering about the government corruption storyline that has existed in the background of things for the longest time; well, it all is wrapped up in a brief scene showing that Adam has bribed someone in the police to get them off his case about being a corrupt businessman and what not. The woman who was investigating him is basically told to bugger off, and that is that—Adam gets off without any consequences by chucking money at his problems.

The episode finally wraps up showing Langa and Reki skating around town, about to have a race amongst themselves. It is a nice way to put a cap on the series, with Langa narrating over the montage about finding your happiness and what not, a sweet bit of thought that sums up what SK8 has been all about from the very beginning: finding happiness and meaning through the pursuit of what’s fun.

All in all, SK8 the Infinity has been a fun show. It has had some absolutely incredible moments—and some pretty damn shitty ones as well—but even at its worst it never forgot to be fun, and I think that’s what I’ll remember most about this show: it was truly a fun watch each and every week, without fail. That’s more than I can say for a lot of other series. Here’s to hoping we get a second season because I have come to really love these characters and I’m not quite ready to stop having fun with them. Keep on skating, boys.


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