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Thread and Thrum | My Hero Academia Episode 99

And he thought using this Quirk was a pipe dream.

And so, the battle continues. Confident that that the students’ determination will carry them past the hurdle of Midoriya seemingly exploding with darkness, Aizawa allows the fifth match of the 1-A–1-B struggle to continue. Is that the most responsible choice? Probably not, but nothing about this entire school is responsible. Remember the entry exam? There were robots the size of buildings. Things have been shady since day one. Regardless, the continuation allows us to see the characters we care/know about to do their thing. Midoriya wills his way through yet another One-For-All-based hurdle, Shinso resolves himself to show the results of his training, Mineta pervs all over both teams, and Uraraka beats the crap out of people…also Monoma acts like an annoying jerk. Also also, isn’t it against the rules for a captured student to interfere with the battle? Did I imagine that, or is Monoma a cheater in addition to being insufferable. Sure, the guy had a rough go with accepting his Quirk only lets him copy people, but man does he suck. If a positive could be taken from him being around, it’s that he makes Shinso seem even nicer and stronger willed. That’s it. God, I dislike Monoma.

That aside, this episode serves to tease us a little in regards to Blackwhip. Amped up by One For All, Midoriya himself notes that he won’t be using it for quite some time. It’s like when a video game starts you with all of a character’s powers, only to flashback to before that point in time. We know where we’re heading; we’re just not sure how long it’ll be until we get there. Also, One For All has six more Quirks bumping around in there; so, things are going to get pretty wild. Speaking of, I was surprised that Mineta had a pretty decent moment to show of his skills. I mean, he obviously ruined it by being a creep, but it’s always fun to see how joke characters can be formidable. He certainly doesn’t stand up to Uraraka’s ability to judo chop people into unconsciousness, but it’s something. Also, why doesn’t everybody learn Gunhead Martial Arts? That stuff is dangerous. Seriously, is Uraraka the one person who learnt to fight in a way that doesn’t rely on her Quirk? It’s a good idea. I mean, everybody expects Iida to run and kick; imagine if he just strolled up and used karate or something. Throw everyone for a loop it would. Okay, let’s meet in the middle and say muay Thai: immediate spike in threat level. Think about it…or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.


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