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The Snap, Crackle And Pop Culture Show: Shonen Wrestling


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The boys are back, once again, for another episode of the Snap, Crackle and Pop Culture Show! For those of you who’ve never seen an episode of this web series before; basically the boys sit down to have a little bit of a chat about the goings on in the Anime, Manga and Video Game world. This episode, Frank and Luke sit down to have a deep and thorough discussion about the similarities between modern day Pro Wrestling and Shonen Anime/Manga series’.

Listen as I, Frank Inglese, attempt to do my very best Hulk Hogan impression as Luke Halliday explains to me why I should never do it again. Ever. Luke happens to be a huge fan of pro Wrestling, having been watching it ever since he was a young lad. I’ve only recently gotten into the world of Wrestling and no less than nothing about it BUT I do happen to know a whole bunch about Shonen series’…and that’s why we’re the perfect mix for this discussion. Follow us on a short journey through real life and fantasy as we finally tie the two fandoms together once and for all!


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  1. […] Luke, Frank, and myself are huge wrestling fans, and we’re excited to catch Wrestle Kingdom 9 when it airs to international audiences on January 4, 2015. You guys should care about wrestling too because it is, after all, Shonen anime in live action glory. […]

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