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The Powers That Be – The God of High School (Episode Three) – Season’s Writings

More like “Went” Gamdo…too soon?

Wheresoever fighters gather, ideals shall clash…like, in the metaphorical sense; most of the clashing will be done with fists and weapons. Still, everybody has their own motivation for their actions; their own justification for what they do. They may sound right, wrong, smart, stupid, outdated, or just plain weird; but, they make sense to the person spouting them. Unfortunately for most, they aren’t protagonists—which sort of means that their purpose will often fall short. I mean, if the protagonist’s mind wasn’t the one we were meant to understand then we wouldn’t be given the most insight into it. Right?

Following his rule-violating beatdown of Manseok, our impetuous lead, Mori, has found himself in hot water…not that he seems to care. Though the God of High School has been touted as a life-changing event, Mori has only shown interest in fighting people; we know nothing of his wish. Also, allowing Gamdo to get pummelled into oblivion would’ve made Mori a pretty lousy lead character. Though I do understand each character possesses their own desire to win, Mira actively saying Mori made a mistake by interrupting the fight comes across as a little cold. Yes, I’m sure we’ll see brutal fights in the episodes to come; but, what Mori interrupted wasn’t a fight. There’s also that fact that every competitor is supposed to be a high school student to think about. Like, are people really okay watching teenagers beat each other to near death? And even if we argue that the nanomachines make it okay: why are said nanomachines not more available to the world? Daewi has a friend dying in hospital, and he’s undergoing drug trials. I know medicine isn’t immediately available to all just because it exists, but it all seems a little mean.

Gum-Gum Discussion!

World-changing implications aside, this week provides us a lovely sequence of two  intro-present characters getting their butts handed to them. Professional wrestler—and bubblegum die-hard—Mah Miseon finds herself in the hexagon with our girl, Mira. Though a brief clash—Mira wins—we learn that Miseon is an accomplished fighter in the ol’ US of A and made the journey to Seoul for one reason: men. See, Miseon wants to build a harem of guys of all sorts—as long as they are all about her. Perhaps not the most noble reason in the tournament; but hey, the girl knows what she wants. Regardless, she finds herself summarily beaten by Mira—who manages to win using Moon Light Sword Style, No. 5: Swordless. Whether created long ago or solely because Mira seemingly spends and equal amount of her time losing her sword as she does wielding it, I’ve got to give props to a sword style that plans for not having a sword. Especially when it lets you swing your hands so fast that you creates blades of air; that’s just plain cool.

Hey batter batter…stab?

Daewi also finds himself in a similarly expedient match this week, clashing with Baek Seungchul—otherwise known as “That Guy With the Book”. I mean, that’s not an official nom de guerre; but, it’s what I’ve been calling him. Anywho, Seungchul wishes to prove to the world that his theory of combining knowledge and violence to achieve victory is correct. To that end…he wants to beat people up. Again, not the most noble reason in the tournament; but, sound enough for the guy all about the logical approach. Oh, he also uses a metal bat—which probably has to do with his dominant theory. Despite the thinking behind his strategy, we want Daewi to win: so Daewi wins. I mean, did anybody really think he would lose? He is fighting for money for a sick friend, a friend we see multiple times this episode; Daewi is not losing to a guy with a book and a bat. Okay, so I wasn’t expecting Daewi to utilise karate that creates tornadoes; but hey, that’s just added style to a foregone conclusion. Also he didn’t even use all of his Secret Art: Form of the Four Guardian Gods—Seungchul went down after three. So, expect to see that in the future.

Bouncing off of the whole “tornado” thing, this week sees more magic than ever. After deciding that Mori can remain in the competition by besting a commissioner—an opportunity secretly allowed after the commission learns the identity of Mori’s grandfather—he is given a bag of fruit to replenish his strength…also one of the peaches is magic and causes Mori to cough blood until he passes out. What?! See, this is what people don’t tell you about eating healthy: all of the violent bleeding that may or may not unlock hidden powers within your soul. I mean, I think that’s what happened. The obviously evil character who gave Mori the fruit secretly mentioned something about testing him; oh, and his underlings also have Stands…like from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Yeah, green-hair-and-glasses summons some doom-clown thing after Mori knocks him to the ground embarrassingly quick. Now here’s the thing: can everybody see this thing? Does the audience see a murder-clown spirit and not react? Is it a part of daily life in this world? Did they not see it? If they didn’t, what did they see? Mori ran up its scythe at one point; did people witness him running on air? Did they see the slash marks in the ground after the fight? I know this might be a little too in depth for the moment, but I am seriously curious. I want to know the rules of this world, you know, so I can enjoy watching said rules used for gloriously animated combat. Is that so much to ask?

Make a little circus in your soul.

This week really seemed to kick us forward in the way of surpassing human-based combat. Summoned clowns, god-based karate, swordless sword strikes; I didn’t even mention how Mori beat Manseok so bad he broke the guy’s spirit and/or mind. Basically, things are getting banana bonkers in The God of High School. The pace at which we’re knocking out seemingly important characters leads me to believe that the scope of this tournament will continue to expand, lest it get left in the dust of inhuman martial arts. Regardless of how it all plays out, I’m certain it will look cool, sound cool, and raise even more questions for me to ramble on about. So watch out—in both senses of the phrase. Oh, there’s also a creepy religion that’s looking to get involved in the story…see, I already have more questions.


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