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The Once-Bitten – The God of High School (Episode Eleven) – Season’s Writings

A god and his fox.

They say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now, while that sounds really cool and poetic, it essentially boils down to this: people are big, dumb scaredy cats. People get stuff, want to keep stuff, and fight the possibility of losing their stuff. Unfortunately, this mentality apparently also extends to the universe’s boss, the head man, the top dog, the big cheese, the head honcho, number one: G-to-the-O-to-the-D. Sufficed to say, things get serious when that guy gets frightened…and then orders the death of his closest ally.

So yeah, apparently The Key is the charyeok of a being so powerful that the actual God utilised it as a protector. Also, Why can’t we watch that story play out? I mean, in the span of a single cold open I feel I know more about the world eons ago than the one I’ve been watching for the past eleven episodes. Even so, the concept of a being who wants revenge on God lending their power to a human sounds awesome…so why has it taken this long for us to even hear about it? Nox follows God, Nox wants to kill The Key (a.k.a the thing what can kill God), other god-powered beings choose a side in the battle. Simple. Cool. Concise. And even that summary is based on some extrapolation. I’m not sure what The God of High School has against clarity, but it really takes the gusto out of a fox who destroyed half of Heaven when it was betrayed by God. Seriously, I can’t express enough how absolutely metal that is as a storyline. Show me more of that, The God of High School, and less Commissioner Q getting his pay docked.

Technical knockout.

Oh, also, last time I’m going to mention this (probably, maybe): people can see charyeok…I think…I’m really leaning towards yes. With my eagle and/or detective’s eye, I have found two clues that lead me to believe the world does indeed witness the insanity of charyeok: a guy asking “What is that?” and Seungah getting horny…hear me out. The quizzical fellow seems to notice Mori summoning clouds within the GOH arena, and Seungah passes out from a nose bleed she presumably gets from seeing Ilpyo with fox ears. So yeah…undeniable proof. Okay, so it isn’t “undeniable”, but I’m just going to assume everybody can see charyeok from now on because the series isn’t going to give me an answer. Case closed. Moving on.

Who’s that GOH contestant?

…I have no idea what happened in the second half of this episode. Apparently, Ilpyo awakening as The Key made the music guy who Taek almost killed turn into a demon? Yeah, no clue. Taek mentions something about energy hitting the guy, presumably from Ilpyo, but I have no idea why that happened or what it means. Also, the guy who transformed has had no screen time, so I don’t care for him at all—beyond not wishing an excruciating demon transformation on any person. The episode even tries to force some emotion into the sequence by having the half-demon’s maid try to talk him out of his frenzy: he eats her. It’s fine though, he spits her out later…for some reason. Then, she tries to appeal to his better nature again; then Taek eats him with that shark he can summon; then the maid is sad…why did she get eaten? What was the point if he was going to spit her out? Why not just have him knock her away so that her coming back wasn’t super weird and confusing? Why was he a half-demon? Why did Taek know what caused it? Why was nobody else affected? How do we still not understand this series? This is the eleventh episode: the eleventh. I mean…come on.

Okay, I guess I should at least mention the fight between Mori and Ilpyo…Mori and Ilpyo fought. As one would expect from this series, Ilpyo immediately understood and was able to utilise his charyeok, putting Mori on the defensive…for, like, a minute. I’m all for protagonists gaining strength during difficult battles—I’ve watched anime before—but there’s no real delineation between Mori being at a loss and understanding how to fight back. At one point, Mori copies Ilpyo’s technique—because apparently Mori is a master mimic all of a sudden—and is swiftly shutdown. Mori then begins to punch and kick Ilpyo; this seems to work. Mori is also able to summon his charyeok and completely destroy Ilpyo with lightning kicks and a giant hand that descends from the clouds—clouds which his charyeok created. Don’t get me wrong, this fight looked cool…I just didn’t care. Some moments played out like this was a culmination of a shared history, two characters finally reaching an understanding through combat; it’s a shame that history was half-explained, like, two episodes ago. Though they may both be students of Jin Taejin, in one way or another, their reunion/fight felt hollow in both emotion and importance.

All the better to eat you with.

Another week, another episode. I think we might be moving into the endgame of this series, but I honestly couldn’t tell you. Mujin officially ended GOH, so I’m not even sure if the name of the series makes sense anymore. Also, Nox has beset angels upon the world now? Also also, Taek didn’t take into account that, while he has gotten stronger to take revenge on Ilpyo, Ilpyo wields the power that can kill God. I’m sure he’s not actually helpless against Ilpyo but I’ll take my joy where I can, and seeing Taek slammed through a window by the face definitely put a smile on mine. I guess Ilpyo friend’s also lost some limbs, which is an unfortunate trend in people he cares about. It’s an honestly frightening scene where they realise part of them is missing, but it does seem slack when the half-demon regurgitated the maid without any visible damage. Also, I would’ve thought Ilypo would’ve had some sort of anger issues even before his friends were maimed, considering that he is now bonded with a spirit who destroyed Heaven in an unbridled fury; I guess that’s not how it works. I will give brief credit to Mori this episode, whose inner monologue notes that, despite borrowing power from gods, charyeok is still dependent on the strength of the human who wields it. Now, if we could just get that kind of insight in the upcoming episodes we’d be golden; unfortunately, I’m not sure we’re going to even end up bronzen.


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