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The Lesser of Two Evils | My Hero Academia Episode 108

I’m absolutely worried, when he smiles.

And, just like that, it’s bye-bye Heroes and hello Villains. Forget all of that “peace and justice” malarkey, it’s time to focus on chaos and destruction, on death and madness, on just how sad of a boy Shigaraki is; does that excuse his actions? Hell no, but it’s nice to get the chance to learn a little more about the League of Villains, that enemy that hasn’t actually been relevant in a while. Also, they might not actually be relevant. Remember that Liberation Army thing? Well, it seems like they talk smack about every societally-evil cause that isn’t their own. I mean, they also call themselves “liberators”, so you know there’s some sort of skewed dogma fuelling them even before they do anything. Case in point: they haven’t done anything…but I don’t like them. Re-Destro, the Liberation leader, seems to think lopping off someone’s fingers is an appropriate “how do you do”. What a jerk. Also, he wears a suit and drinks wine, which is, like, classic anime evil.

Anyway, future threats aside, this self-proclaimed start of My Villain Academia is about the passing of the torch…if the torch were a giant with dependency issues and a mean right hook. Though taken in and traumatised by All For One, Shigaraki has to up his game to be granted full access to the resources and staff left behind by his master/father/captor. It’s sort of like when the U.A. kids had to improve…but if the teachers murdered them if they got an F. Still, it’s innately terrifying to see Shigaraki working towards something. Due wants to wreck the world cause it’s mean; imagine what that rage could do if he had any actual idea on how to follow through on that notion. Regardless, the problem of the hour (or half-month) is to bring down Gigantomachia—the aforementioned giant—and prove himself a worthy successor to ol’ No Face. Props to him for deciding to lead Machia to the Liberation Army and have them duke it out. That’s some good evil.

P.S. I like that Twice is worried enough for Giran—their kidnapped ally—that his vocal tick doesn’t come through. Dude cares for his friends.

P.P.S. How expensive was Toga’s new coat? Counter: how little money did the doctor give them for anti-Machia supplies?

P.P.P.S. I’m totally here for casual Spinner. Nice to see the guy not rockin’ the Stain-fanboy look.

P.P.P.P.S. I know they tweaked the episode order so that the Endeavour stuff happened in time for the latest movie, but is it a coincidence that the evil-focused stuff started on episode 108?


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