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The Dead Comes Knokkin’ | To Your Eternity Episode 18

Well, that was an unexpected turn of events to say the very least. Last week’s episode left us hanging with Tonari on a lifeboat heading back to the island on a rescue mission and Fushi was left locked up by Hayase. This episode isn’t very interested in any of that. Tonari rocks up and finds that Fushi had already broke himself out of the cell and the two decide to escape the island together. It was very abrupt and felt rushed, which is a problem this episode was plagued with.

As Tonari and Fushi are about to escape the island, the Maker appears informing Fushi that the Knokkers have appeared again on the island and are attacking the townsfolk. Tonari tells him to just leave them, as they are not good people anyways, but Fushi feels compelled to help and, as such, runs into battle.

In a strange turn of events, the Knokkers are now raising the dead. The big pit of dead bodies in the middle of the island are all coming to life and this zombie-knokker horde is going ape shit across the island. Suddenly, the kids who had seemingly escaped on the boat in the last episode have returned and decide to help Fushi and Tonari with the zombies.

The episode really goes into rush mode from here, with several of the kids dying and being taken over by the Knokkers. I feel like the show wanted me to feel something here but I couldn’t even remember their names. Unlike the earlier arcs in the series, I felt that, outside of Tonari, the rest of the island folk were really underdeveloped and that applies to these kids as well.

With all prior plot elements regarding Hayase and the escape from the island seemingly on the back burner in favour of this zombie attack, the episode ends rather abruptly in the thick of things. Fushi, Tonari, and the the kid with the bow and arrow are stuck fighting off zombies, and we see the other kids who died entering the afterlife together. It is a bit of an emotional misfire for the series which usually is so on point in terms of emotional resonance. Everything just felt far too rushed and out of nowhere to really leave any impact. With only two episodes left of the series, I am at a loss as to what the series’ end game is going to be. I hope it has more in store for us than these half-cocked zombies.


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