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Tales Out of Middle School – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Twenty-Two) – Season’s Writings

Just what every embarrassing moment needs: an audience.

If ever there was an anime episode for fans of both extreme sports and haunted locations, this would most certainly be one…also, what a very niche Venn diagram to be a part of. Regardless, this episode sees our lovable trio off to investigate a series of grisly murders, wherein victims were found brutalised at their own front doors. We do actually get to see one such murder in action, as a man loudly yells over the phone that his automatic door is on the fritz—a sign that the murderous curse is drawing near—before threatening to kill the inspector for not having already fixed the issue. He dies (the yelling guy, not the inspector). It’s not that sad. Did he deserve to be violently rent asunder? Probably not. But he did seem rather unpleasant, so I didn’t feel that bad. Also, we eventually learn that the curse targets people who underwent a “trial of courage” by venturing under a bridge in the dead of night. I don’t think that warrant his death either, but it definitely shows a capacity for bad decisions. Anyway, this paragraph is more attention than he even got in the episode…so let’s move on.

…to something else? I’ll be honest, not a lot happened in this episode. We learn that Fushiguro beat up an entire district of ne’er-do-wells back in the day, we learn that he has a bedridden sister who is also at risk from this episode’s curse and we see Mahito implanting one of the special-grades he stole from Jujutsu Tech into some guy he was torturing. Important little tid-bits, to be sure, but all setting up for events to come. I did enjoy the return of the Kugisaki/Itadori duo of jovial idiocy, and seeing Fushiguro turn his head almost entirely backwards to avoid explaining his past was pretty funny. I’m also a fan of the sorcerers that pop up to ferry our main cast around. This particular sorcerer seems to follow in the Gojo school of things: abrupt outbursts of childishness that are usually to conceal a more serious motive. Also, her stunned shock/frustration when she learns that the group’s primary witness/suspect is also dead is rather funny…in a macabre sort of way. But hey, if you weren’t into that sort of thing then how have you made it this far into the series? They sort of talk about death a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

P.S. This week’s “Jujutsu Stroll” told the heart-warming tale of a woman who has kept her family’s restaurant running out of sheer kindness and a desire to see its flavour live on…and that flavour is bland. It’s a touch mean, but seeing Itadori and Kugisaki immediately drop their content expressions when Fushiguro mentions the meatless gyoza was pretty dang funny. Is that a mean thing to say? Am I mean?


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