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Sydney, Australia Shown In “Free! Eternal Summer” Ending Sequence


You know, reader, us Sydney (Australia) citizens have a lot to be proud of: We live in a beautiful city with some amazing sights to see and some lovely people to meet but now, well…now we’ve got a connection to the Anime ‘Free!’ and that basically outdoes everything I just described. I’m going to go ahead and assume that if you’re reading this than you know exactly what ‘Free!’ is…right? Well, ok, for those of you who are unaware of one of the Anime world’s biggest contemporary series’; ‘Free!’ is an Anime about swimming…yep, that’s pretty much it. The series features a cast of quirky characters, all of which have their own reasons as to why they love swimming and when I say ‘love’ swimming, I mean ‘love‘ swimming. You get it?

‘Free! Eternal Summer’ is the second series of the Anime and it happens to feature an ending sequence populated by images of the main cast enjoying a bit of time out of the pool. The sublime thing about the ‘Free!’ ending is that the locations these characters are in exist somewhere in our great city! Yes! Sydney! An Anime fan with a keen eye who goes by the Twitter handle @si_ta_aaaaa thought that these locations seemed somewhat familiar and searched Sydney believing it’s sights to hold the key to her comparison. Lo and behold, @si_ta_aaaaa found exactly what she was looking for and posted a few of the pictures, alongside their anime counterparts, on her Twitter.

The three images shown are from The Rocks (a part of Sydney close to the water), George Street (the inner city’s main street) and an undisclosed neighborhood somewhere on the outskirts of town. Clearly one of the development crew took a trip to Australia recently and liked what they saw because the likeness these pictures share are amazing! I hope other studios take a leaf out of Kyoto Animation’s book and feature our lovely city in more Anime series’. I’d love to see an episode ‘Space Dandy’ take place in ‘The Star’, Sydney’s premiere entertainment destination, or so it calls itself. All jokes aside, I actually find this really exciting! It’s nice to know that the world still remembers little ol’ Australia, and for it to be shown somewhere in an Anime, well…what can I say? It’s bloody great, mate!


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  1. OMG <3 I smell that they still swim in the future then?? :) Cause like Rin went there to achieve his dreams in swimming right? FEELS.

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