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Staz Attacks in Blood Lad’s First Dub Trailer


More than a vampire

Now this is how you redefine a vampire. Fearing no garlic, nor sunlight, nor religious cross. Poised to attack and with the power to destroy his enemies…of course he’s also lazy and super into anime, so violence isn’t always on his mind. Though you might not guess from this trailer. Of course, I could only be talking about Staz Charlie Blood, protagonist of Blood Lad and all around weird example of a blood sucking horror.

Released a fair while ago in Japan, the West will finally see an English dub of the series officially described as such:

Werewolves, zombies, and even the Abominable Snowman fight day and night for the title of Territory Boss. The vampire Staz, however, finds the whole thing to be a serious pain. He spends his time watching anime, playing video games, and daydreaming about going to the Human World. That all changes when he meets Fuyumi, a human girl who instantly win’s Staz’s heart, and who then loses her life to a man-eating plant.

Refusing to give up on the girl of his dreams, Staz travels across the Demon and Human Worlds in search of a way to bring Fuyumi back to life by any bloody means necessary.

As for the cast…

Staz Charlie Blood – Bryce Papenbrook
Fuyumi Yanagi – Xanthe Huynh
Hydra Bell – Kira Buckland
Mamejiro – Cristina Vee
Wolf – Ben Diskin

Braz D. Blood – Johnny Yong Bosch
Yoshida the Mimic – Jason Baker
Akim Papradon – Lucien Dodge
Franken – Patrick Seitz
Hydra Knell – Erik Scott Kimerer
Neyn – Wendee Lee
Hydra Heads – Keith Silverstein
Wolf Daddy – Richard Epcar
Chief Goyle – Ben Pronsky
Officer Beros – Julie Ann Taylor
ONIQLO Store Manger – Taylor Henry
Sabao – Derek Stephen Prince
Mayu – Caitlin Chang
Dek – Kyle Hebert

Shamkid – Brian Beacock
Sam – Matthew Mercer
Jasmine – Erica Mendez
Roy – Todd Stone


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