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Skin-Deep | My Hero Academia Episode 109

Love you and be you.

That’s right folks, it’s time for us to learn all about that lovable bunch of murderers who are literally stealing this series. First up to bat: Toga. Though she’s been around for quite a while, we’ve never really known anything about Toga, beyond the fact that she likes blood and that here definition of “love” is dangerous at best. Well, turns out that having an innate ability to drink blood makes for a rough childhood. I mean, growing up is rough enough when the world is made up of regular humans who can do regular human stuff; I imagine having an “evil” power makes things magnitudes worse. It’s not like this is anything new either: we’ve seen the impact a similar, though less intense, public opinion had on Shinso. Everyone decided that their powers were those of Villains, refusing to even consider how they could be used to help people. Shinso could be an amazing hostage negotiator. How perfect are Toga’s transformations? Imagine if she copied a person down to their blood type: the girl could save countless people via transfusions and continue to work with her favourite liquid. She could work as a spy; a body double; hell, she could be a performer. Or she could’ve just been a person who happened to be able to transform. Is her fall to Villainy entirely predicated on people being mean to her and shunning her innate power? I have no idea. But it probably didn’t help.

Beyond the exploration of Toga’s fractured psyche—and the introduction of a Liberation Army reporter you just want to punch in the face—this episode teaches us that the League of Villains have room to grow, which is…good? I mean, it’s cool…but it’s probably bad news for the future. Toga’s life-or-death situation evolved her Quirk so that now she can mimic the Quirks of those she becomes: that’s dangerous. Spinner even briefly notes that it looks like Shigaraki’s Quirk surpassed its previous limit of requiring him to touch what he destroys: that’s even more dangerous. The League has always contained some of the more unhinged characters in the series, and both All For One’s personal psychotic physician and the Meta Liberation Army thought it would be a good idea to push them to the edge. Great planning, guys. Seriously, which Liberation Army bonehead thought it prudent to piss off people with such cheery Quirk names as Decay and Cremation? Is that second one a fan name? Yes. But why would you even try against a guy whose power could be reasonably named that? Also, the other League members are a fanboy of a murderer, a man who debates his own points, and someone who willingly named themselves Mr Compress. Why would you chance it with any of them?

P.S. I’m not saying that Toga is innocent in all of this, but there was probably a better way to handle her Quirk and her quirk than yelling at her and weeping that it would be better if she was “normal”. Pretty sure that sort of thing messes a kid up.


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