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Skating Uphill – SK8 the Infinity (Episode Four) – Season’s Writings

Let me begin by saying, fuck you Adam. Not in recent memory have I felt such immediate disdain for a bad guy in anime as I do for Adam. That just makes the events of episode four of SK8 the Infinity hurt all the more.

Last week’s episode ended with Reki challenging pro-skater Adam to a beef on the S race to avenge Miya, whom Adam merciless mocked. We pick up right where we left off, as both skaters agree to the terms of their S race. If Reki wins, Adam must apologize to Miya; if Adam wins, then Langa must skate with Adam. Since Langa defeated Miya in the previous episode, Adam was immediately interested in the prospects of Langa. Langa agrees to the terms, showing his confidence and faith in Reki.

We learn, over the course of the episode, a few things about Adam. He is the founder of the S race and is infamous for hospitalising any skater who dares to challenge him. How does he hospitalise them, you ask? Well, he has apparently mastered the ability to switch from downhill skating to uphill without losing any momentum or speed—a move Adam calls “Love Hug”.

After training with Miya and Shadow, the night of the big S race arrives. As Adam rocks up so, too, do Cherry and Joe—who both seem to want to challenge Adam to a beef as well. Reki puts them in their place and says this is his beef with Adam right now, and they can wait. The siren sounds and Reki takes off; however, Adam doesn’t seem to care whatsoever. Instead, he simply lights up a cigarette and casually smokes while talking some nonsense about keeping his cigarettes in an airtight case in order to preserve the taste of the tobacco. The dude is just a straight up piece of shit, in case that wasn’t clear.

As Reki makes it to the halfway mark of the S race, Adam suddenly decides to enter the race, kickstarting at insane speeds and quickly catching up to Reki. He does a bunch of insane tricks and even locks his board with Reki’s in order to intimidate him. However, Reki remembers what he is fighting for here and refuses to lose. Using a rail slide to make the sharp corner, Reki overtakes Adam and is seemingly about to win. Until Adam performs the seemingly impossible Love Hug move, overtaking Reki before reversing and skating back up the mountain—about to collide with him. Reki instinctively bails out and crashes and burns at insane speeds, busting himself open with blood pouring down his face. Reki is completely destroyed and potentially injured by Adam here. Some of the blood landed on Adam’s face and he gleefully licked it.

The episode ends with the Reki apologising to his friends before passing out as the reality sets in that Langa must now skate with Adam. Judging from the preview, it looks like we won’t have to wait to see it, as it shows Adam and Langa will hit the S race next week.

This was yet another awesome episode of SK8 the Infinity and with the arrival of the big bad in Adam, we now understand that there is an imminent threat to our heroes with this skater who only cares about brutally destroying any skater he deems weaker than himself.

I must mention that the soundtrack is especially rad in this episode; in particular, I loved the song that played as Reki made his comeback in the S race with Adam. In general, the show has an amazing soundtrack but this episode was especially brilliant in that regard. All in all, another great episode of SK8 the Infinity. I’m gutted for Reki but I hope to see him get back up on that board again because he needs to avenge this loss against that bastard.


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