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Sins of the Father | My Hero Academia Episode 106

Safe and sorry.

So…that got pretty real. I mean, it wasn’t an unexpected turn of events (except for the part that was), but it was still pretty heavy. I know I’ve been rattling off on the issue for a few weeks, but not many Shonen series deal with the realistic ramifications of emotional abuse. Further to My Hero‘s credit, each member of the Todoroki family is handling the situation differently and nobody is saying that any of them are wrong. Endeavor messed up. He messed up bad. His family is in a bad way. But they are trying, in their own ways. Endeavor even points out that, despite his declaration that he won’t make an effort to rectify Endeavor’s mistakes, Natsuo did come to dinner: he tried for the sake of Fuyumi. Everyone is making an effort; they just don’t fully know what they’re working towards. Fuyumi wants a happy family; Natsuo wants some esoteric form of justice; Shoto wants to be able to forgive. Whatever anyone wants, it’ll be a process. Can Endeavor find the atonement he desires? Will he ever be able to sit at the dinner table with his family? Will they ever be happy? Heck if I know. I guess it all comes down to whether or not an unforgivable act and an unforgivable person are the same thing.

On a…just as dark note, the Villain of this episode, Ending, is all sorts of specifically dangerous. His obsession with Endeavour is twisted beyond belief and his actions are heinous. Dude was willing to murder people just to piss Endeavor off enough to murder him: he’s like an even more fanatical Stain. His particular brand of insanity is such that seeing Endeavor act responsibly hurt him: he sought nothing but to die at the hands of the monster Endeavor once was. So…I guess that’s some form of proof that Endeavor has changed? Regardless, Ending also serves to show how much Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki have grown in a week. Spoiler: it’s, like, anime levels of growth. Bakugo has seemingly overcome his slow starts caused by cold weather, Todoroki can focus his fire into a powerful blast, and Midoriya can summon multiple tendrils of Blackwhip that are strong enough to hold several cars. That’s…that’s a lot of improvement. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t cool, though. Also, more than a little refreshing to see some simple Hero work being done after the drama of the Todoroki family…which is pretty weird when you say it like that: watching a guy get assaulted with torrents of fire, ice, and explosions feels normal. I’ve sai it before and I’ll say it again: anime is weird, y’all.

P.S. Bakugo refusing to tell Midoriya or Todoroki the Hero name he’s chosen is absolutely in character.


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