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Sin Like You’re Supposed To With The Upcoming ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Video Game


We’ve now officially entered the age of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. In Australia, the Manga releases have just kicked off with most graphic novel retailers already selling the third volume. The Western fandom for the critically acclaimed Shonen series is slowly but surely growing bigger and bigger with each passing day. Recently, the Manga has been adapted into what looks to be a well-animated and wonderfully paced Anime series. Unfortunately for the aforementioned Western fans…it has yet to have been picked up by any simulcast distributor.

Surely you understand we’re not too happy about that. That’s OK though because we know that, sooner or later, the series is sure to be picked up and released locally. To add to the burning passion of the series’ fans, Bandai Namco Games recently announced that there is a ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Nintendo 3DS game in the works but showed nothing of this game as part of the announcement…until today. The beautiful people over at Bandai Namco Japan have released the very first trailer for the upcoming beat-em-up game alongside a release date: The 11th of February, 2015.

The game, titled ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin’, is an action/adventure game that will have you take on the story of the series as its main characters. Show in the trailer is Meliodas, Diane, King, Ban, and a couple of others. You’ll slice and dice your way through the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ universe the way you chose, meeting other Sins and making new friends along the way. Much like that of the series. As of right now, this game has only been announced for Japan but hopes are high that it gets a release everywhere else sometime in the foreseeable future.


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