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Screw Poker! There’s A “Space Dandy” Collectible Card Game In The Works!

Space-Dandy-Collectible-Card-Game-Image-02Cards are great. End of article. No! Cards are incredibly awesome, especially when they’re part of a collectable series wherein which you build a deck and duke it out with some of your friends! i’d like to think I can bounce around the ring with the best of them but usually when I think something of myself it’s actually the opposite.

We all love “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, we all love “Cardfight Vanguard!!”, we all love “Weiss Schwarz”, but you can but your old decks in the bin for all I care because Seven Seas have just branched out into tabletop game creation with the CCG they’ve just announced through KickStarter; the “Space Dandy CCG”.

The company is well-known for publishing both Anime and Manga alike but now they’re tackling a new titan and it comes in the form of a collectible card game. A KickStarted campaign was set up not nine hours ago to raise a measly $12,000…I say “measly” because, already, they goal has been met with the total as of writing this article sitting at a comfortable $14,000.

This means that, like it or not, the “Space Dandy CCG” WILL be a thing and I cannot be more excited! Oh yeah, baby! Here’s the thing; you can sit here all day reading about what I have to say but a lot of what that will be is over-excited blabber. Instead, why don’t you head to the actual KickStarter page where you can not only read up on what this game is going to be about but also perhaps add to the campaign by giving the team a bit of that sweet cash. What do you think, baby? Check it out: Click Here.

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