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Science SARU Reveals the Animations Techniques Behind Ping Pong the Animation


The tennis of tables

Now, if anyone out there has caught even a glimpse of Ping Pong the Animation, they’ll know that it possesses a very distinct visual style. In response to fan interest in just how such imagery is created, Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi, founders of Studio SARU, posted a video showcasing some of the work that goes into creating a scene.

Some people asked us about our special animation technique in the Ping Pong TV series. In this short video you can see the “insides” of two scenes we worked on for the show. Animators developed a new digital technique, in order to get slow movements, turnings and big zooms, that would have been very difficult in hand drawn animation.

So check out the brief video and witness the process that brings Ping Pong to life in all its individualistic glory.



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