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Psycho Pass (Xbox One) Confirmed for English Localisation



After much speculation and wishful thinking it’s now official: the Psycho Pass video game adaptation will be getting an English localisation.

Based on the anime of the same name, Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness is an Xbox One exclusive visual novel adventure, and is part of Microsoft Japan’s initiative to make the console cool among Japanese gamers. The Xbox brand has never enjoyed much success in Japan, and in fact its commercial performance has only declined with time. Still, the recent shake up of the Xbox division in Japan is pointing towards some positive changes, and the English localisation of Mandatory Happiness is indicative of the start of a beautiful new trend.

The Xbox platform is no stranger to visual novels, but these have been strictly tied to Japan with no attempts at translating to other languages. Steins;Gate, which is now readily available in English, was actually an Xbox 360 exclusive for the longest time if you can believe.

Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness will be receiving an Asian edition, which will contain Chinese and English text options. Now the trend of Asian Versions has been around since the Xbox 360 days, this basically means that these are the original Japanese releases but with added English subtitles. The release of the Asian version of a game typically falls somewhere between the release of the Japanese and Western versions, with the Western editions typically adding English voice acting (case in point: Blue Dragon.)

The English localisation of Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness is only available in the announced Asian version, and there is actually no official release planned for Europe or North America at this point. Still, with the Xbox One being completely region free, fans can order the game from their favourite online import dealer, and sink into this dystopian sci-fi adventure with ease when it launches sometime during the end of this year.


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