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Pokemon the Movie XY 2015 Promises a Clash of the Primals and…Hoopa?


A new threat approaches

Welcome once again to the theatrical world of Pokemon and prepare to bear witness to yet another Legendary conflict. It’s no secret that Groudon and Kyogre have had their differences throughout the eons, having even accidentally created the world’s layout during their battles. Luckily for everyone else however, Rayquaza tends to turn up and put a lid on things.

Well the Weather Trio is back once more and sporting their Primal and Mega forms in the teaser for the upcoming movie, still tentatively titled XY 2015. However, these primordial forces may find themselves facing yet another Legendary opponent this time around. Though pure speculation at this point, one might wonder if those portals are being created by someone. I guess you could call them hoops if you wanted to…

Hoopa. I’m talking about Hoopa. One of the three secret Legendaries added in XY, that of course failed to remain secret for any period of time. Regardless, from those who understand how to enter the code of the Pokemon universe, it has been revealed that Hoopa possess the ability to utilise portals via its rings. Combined with the fact that Diancie debuted in the previous Pokemon film, one would not be too out of line to imagine that this portal master will be hitting the big screen this go around.


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  1. Frank Inglese says

    Have y’all seen the images of Mega Hoopa? That thing is so much more than a Pokemon…it’s like…a God…

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