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Persona The Movie: #3 Falling Down Full Trailer Released


Getting up is the struggle…

With the third Persona 3 movies April 4th release drawing ever closer, it’s no surprise that a new trailer would be revealed…so don’t be surprised, because a new trailer has been revealed. Featuring the movies main theme “Light in Starless SKy”, the trailer showcases some of the drama and emotion that will permeate the film.

Igor: Do you remember? On the card you verified, it is written: “I will take responsibility for all of my actions and choices, no matter what may come from them.”
Fallos: It was fun up until now. See ya.
Ken: It’s over, Aragaki… This was for the best… Right?
Chidori: Junpei will come back tomorrow.
Junpei: Just give her a little more time!
Ryoji: You have kind eyes. But you know, that kindness will isolate you.
Aegis: Because… I had a bad feeling…
Mitsuru: Father!
Takeharu: Mitsuru…!
Mitsuru: Father!!!
Makoto: Persona.
Akihiko: What is it we’re supposed to fight for from here on out?
Mitsuru: But you saw, didn’t you!? It was a farce!!
Takaya: It’s been a while.
Makoto: No!! I won’t run away!!
Chidori: Why…!? I’m not afraid of dying!!
Junpei: There’s no way I could do that!!
Aegis: No… Stop… Stop…! Stop…!
Makoto: Aegis!!
Aegis: My memories… Are back…

(via ANN)


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