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Persona 4 The Golden Animation – English-Subtitled Trailer Released


Persona-4-The-Golden-Animation-Promotional-Image-01I’m not sure about all of you reading this but I almost forgot that the second ‘Persona 4’ anime series ‘The Golden Animation’ is only just around the corner. The series – which will tell the story of the ‘Persona 4 Golden’ PlayStation Vita game – is set to begin broadcasting in the upcoming Summer anime season alongside shows like ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’, ‘Hanamonogatari’ and ‘Sword Art Online II’, all of which have a massive level of hype surrounding them.

Aniplex of America today announced that they will be streaming the new ‘Persona’ series as it is broadcast in Japan alongside other digital distributors like Crunchyroll, Daisuki and Hulu. To celebrate this announcement, the American Anime distributor has released an official English-subtitled trailer for ‘Persona 4 The Golden Animation’. Voice actors from the game and former anime series will return for their respective roles in ‘The Golden Animation’.

The trailer has not one spoken word within it but features musical tracks reminiscent of the game which, if you’re anything like me, you love more than any other soundtrack in the world. ‘The Golden Animation’ will retell the events from the first Anime series but will add the character Marie and her storyline which, if you played ‘Persona 4 Golden’, you would know is actually quite pivotal to the story.

Despite my negative view of A-1 Pictures after reading about the working conditions of their staff, I am quite excited for this Anime. I’m a huge fan of ‘Persona 4’ and cannot wait to see it once again in all it’s glory. If you’ve yet to see the trailer, we’ve got it for you just below the article so don’t forget to give it a watch before you click away.


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