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Past Tense | My Hero Academia Episode 105

It’s no father–son picnic…

Well…that was awkward. I mean, family drama is never fun, but witnessing another family’s drama is, like, worse? Definitely when said drama involves the hospitalisation of a mother, the scalding of a child, and the understandable emotional turmoil brought about by these events. It’s all just…messed up. It’s also a far more realistic situation than presented in My Hero thus far—which is, in itself, also horrific. People are quick to latch on to the sad backstories of characters who have performed ill deeds. I’ve mentioned it before: fans pine over Toga, a girl who forcibly drains blood and quite possibly murders those she “loves”, and swoon over Dabi, a guy who joyfully immolates people. Why? Because they’re obviously a fiction. Sure they have elements of humanity and a method to their madness, but they’re so much larger than life. Endeavour abused his kid and drove his wife to a mental breakdown. That shit’s as real as it gets. Still, it’s because of that fact that this presents such a complicated situation. Endeavour did wrong, he messed up royal, but he does actually want to try and make amends. Can he be forgiven easily? No. Can he be forgiven ever? Maybe not. But in a series where the protagonist has tried to understand the mentality of the Villains he’s faced, is it going too far for Endeavour to try?

On a less…that note, this episode also pushes us through the next bout of our main trio’s work experience. Not a lot happens, because of the time devoted to Endeavour’s introspection and family situation, but it does show that the boys are pushing themselves to reach their current goal” catching a Villain before Endeavour. Is it as exciting as them showing off new moves and, in one unique case, Quirks? Not really. I think that’s the point, though. Not every day on the job is a fight against Gentle Criminal or Overhaul, sometimes Hero-ing is assisting people who were in a car accident or stopping a mugger. Heck, the aim of being a Hero is to make sure those are the worst things that happen. So, in that sense, it’s good to see the boys pushing themselves so hard. It goes back to the words that made Midoriya All Might’s successor: “You looked like you needed help.” That’s it. That’s all the motivation a true Hero needs. Though, the big anime fights are definitely cool as well.


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