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Between the Lines | My Hero Academia Episode 102

Read it and plan.

With halls decked and bells jingled, it’s time to move on from holiday cheer into the stressful world of what it actually means to be a Hero in the world of MHA. Sort of. With the big three of 1-A all doing their work study at Endeavour’s agency, chaos and a jam-packed schedule are to be predicted. Our crew barely gets a full greeting before a self-proclaimed oracle manipulates a bunch of glass and spouts proclamations of doomsday. It’s a little bit weird. Though played for a joke, and to showcase how badass Endevour is, it proves an example of how even the low-tier threats of this world are pretty dangerous. Did Endeavour easily best Starservant (the glass guy)? Yes. Did Starservant also manipulate entire skyscrapers worth of glass into a sphere of destruction? Yes. Does that still sound dangerous? Yes: I said sphere of destruction. Still, it’s a good way to show the scale of the Pro Hero world. Case in point: that scale is terrifying.

Despite the promise of more work-study adventures to come, the bulk of this episode revolves around Hawks, who is still playing undercover Villain. Though we know little of the threat that looms on the horizon, Hawks hands Endeavour a coded message that reads: “The enemy is the liberation army. They number over a hundred thousand. In four months to action.” Sounds pretty grim if you ask me. Over a hundred thousand threats? That’s pretty bad. Remember when a dozen or so attacked the U.A. training camp? That was bad, and that was, like, less than over a hundred thousand. Also, these people expected Hawks to straight up murder a Pro Hero to prove his loyalty. I mean, I’m assuming he didn’t actually slice up Best Jeanist to the point that he could fit in a duffel bag, but these Villains are tracking Hawks every move. They new how he hesitated in deciding which coffee to buy, chances are they’d notice him not murdering someone. Let’s just all imagine that he found away around that particular obstacle and that Best Jeanist is just on a nice, denim-based vacation. You know, before the harsh reality of a “liberation army” crashes down on everything. Remember when this series was about students throwing a baseball really well? That was nice.


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