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Out of Left Field – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Twenty-One) – Season’s Writings

Tokyo need a witch err.

Oh my, it’s a baseball! Yep, for reasons known only to Gojo—and us once Gojo himself reveals he did it for the sake of mixing up tradition, as is his wont—the second day of the Kyoto–Tokyo Exchange Event is not a series of individual battle: it’s a baseball match. That being said, the match is ultimately a collection of small skits that happen to take place on a baseball field. Arrow Guy strikes out after musing too long on Itadori’s reasons for becoming a sorcerer (undermining the sombre backstory playing out on screen), “Mechamaru” rocks up in his baseball-pitching-machine backup body, Broom Girl flies around to catch fly balls, and Todo gets walloped in the face by a pitch from Maki—which she did on purpose and literally every student praises her for. It’s a definite hard turn from the high stakes of last episode, but it’s a much needed situation: if things kept unfolding at the pace they had been then we’d all have exploded from the sheer outpouring of awesomeness. Not that this episode doesn’t maintain the same level of energy and animation as previous—a great amount of effort was put into showing Todo get beaned in the dome. It was totally worth it, by the way: that *bleep* was funny.

On the less…baseball side of things, the plot progresses with the Jujutsu Tech faculty discussing the full extent of the recent attack. They know the special-grades made off with some serious cursed materials, they know a bunch of sorcerers were killed, and they know this isn’t the end of things. Their hostage, Crazy Furniture Guy, made mention of an androgynous monk with a bob cut, making us all question just how many humans are helping the special-grades destroy all of the humans. Seems pretty counter-intuitive if you ask me, but I don’t think all of these people are in the category of rational thinkers—what with the lack of interest in the survival of their own species and all. The special-grades do, however, continue their stalwart focus on keeping Gojo contained when their plans fully unfold: Ol’ Blindfold is just that powerful (case in point, he blew Hanami’s arm off with one attack). The principals of both Jujutsu branches also have an issue with Gojo, though that’s just because he’s a pretty annoying guy. Still, it’s nice to know the principals do have some manner of common ground between them. Oh, they also seemingly agreed to watch Itadori without murdering him for being the vessel of an apocalyptically strong curse…so that’s nice.

P.S. The lower-third factoids about each student that popped up during the baseball match were as funny as they were nonsensical. Panda wants to punch a zebra, Mai recentley got over her dislike of mangoes, and the mango that Miwa was saving mysteriously went missing recently: how peculiar. Also, I wonder if they’ll pay off the storyline of Kugisaki awaiting approval for a credit card?

P.P.S. It seems Todo legitimately believes he has a past with Itadori, with even his baseball factoid claiming they won the middle school nationals together (though it also makes not of Itadori’s denial of this). Even Itadori is weirded out by his “brother’s” behaviour, claiming he wasn’t in his right mind during their fight/bonding. I wonder if it had anything to do with all those blows to the face?


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