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One Piece “3D2Y” Anime Special Announced


When a group of friends spends so much time together, go their seperate ways for a couple of years and eventually come back together more powerful than ever before, you do tend to wonder just what the hell went on during that time. It’s something that ‘One Piece’ fans have an idea of but I’m not sure we’re even close to knowing the full story. According to this newly announced Anime special, there was a lot of training (which we knew), some ruthless fighting (I’m sure we’re all aware of) and an all-powerful pirate lord who almost took over the world…which is something we were never told. Until now.

The special, titled ‘One Piece 3DY2 Overcome Ace’s Death! The Oath With Luffy’s Crewmates’, will focus entirely on the two years between the ‘Super Rookies Saga’ and the ‘New World Saga’ with a great deal of the spotlight being put on Luffy’s training. As mentioned above, a new antagonist was announced for this two-hour special, one that is apparantly strong enough to take down the ‘Seven Warlords’ something I was certain could never be done. Looks like I’m wrong. ‘Who is this devastatingly strong pirate!?’ you ask? Oh just a little guy named Bandy World, a man once confined to the horrific cells of Impel Down’s sixth level but who escaped during the ‘bruhaha’ of the ‘Marineford Arc’.


As celebration for his escape, Mr. World sets off on a light-hearted adventure, living free the way any pirate should! Oh…wait…no, he actually goes kind of nuts and kills a bunch of Marines…I must have read that wrong. He’s taken down all the other Warlords and now it is time to take out Boa Hancock but Luffy isn’t going to stand around and let his friend be taken down by a man whom he’ll never mention after he’s gone! By the sounds of things, this special looks to be one long filler episode, which is fine if you’re willing to overlook small inconsistencies in the story. As Anime fans, we’re all willing to do that…until your friends brings it up and you explode into a that can only be quelled by countless bottles of alcohol and positive thoughts…maybe that’s just me.

The ‘3D2Y’ special will air on August 30 at 9pm in Japan. If you somehow have legal access to Japanese television, tune in to any Fuji TV station to catch the movie-length special. Eiichiro Oda, creator of the ‘One Piece’ series, himself alerted fans to something at the very end of the special saying there will be a ‘must-see surprise for fans’. If Mr. Oda says it than it must be done. Now, away with you all! Begin preparations for the ‘One Piece 3DY2 Overcome Ace’s Death! The Oath With Luffy’s Crewmates’, coming very soon!


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