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One Little Push – Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode Twenty-Three) – Season’s Writings

It was at this moment the special-grade realised he had made a mistake.

With the usual explosion of energy and animation that makes Jujutsu so damn cool, this episode throws us into the whack-a-mole battle of the century. Apparently, that curse what done killed all those people at their doorways pops up in a multitude of bodies (though all the same doofy/scary shape). Fushiguro even notes how this curse is far weaker than they expected, tearing through its forms with the help of Kugisaki. All’s well that en—and Kugisaki’s being pulled through a portal. And Itadori jumped in too. And one of Sukuna’s fingers is here. And one of those creepy special-grades…this situation is wack. Still, this cavalcade of chaos does give Fushiguro the push he needs to become stronger. Sure dire-moment power-ups can be a tad cliché, but this one makes thematic sense…and is really cool. With unexpected confirmation (for us) that his ultimate technique is a sacrificial one, Fushiguro realises that he never truly pushes the limits of his skill and imagination. If his skills don’t work, he always has a trump card that’ll take him and his opponent out—even Sukuna took note of whatever this technique is. So, for the first time, Fushiguro fights to live…and it rocks.

Chimera. Shadow. Garden. That’s it. That’s all you need to know to understand how cool Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion is. It’s got monsters; they’re made of darkness…there’s possibly some hedging involved. It’s just cool. The victory this technique seizes him also allows us a glimpse into Fushiguro’s past—like when he beat up a literal pile of bullies. We learn that his brand of justice involves hating both bad and good people, as the bad people infringe upon the rights of others and the good people forgive the bad out of a false sense of nobility. It’s…it’s not the worst philosophy I’ve ever heard, though Fushiguro can be a right jerk about the whole thing. Still, it’s nice to learn a little more about the quietest member of our main cast. I mean, he’s even quieter now, with the over-dramatic status pop-up informing us that he fell asleep. Here’s hoping nobody sneaks up and pilfers that finger of Sukuna’s he’s holding. It’d probably have to be yet another character, as the two special-grades who have appeared so far look like they’re going to be busy with Itadori and Kugisaki. I imagine the curse with the face on his back might prove the bigger threat, considering that the first few minutes of this episode revolved around Itadori pummelling the ever-loving crap out of the two-faced one. Like, he punched him a lot. Like, a lot. I’d almost feel bad for the guy, you know, if he wasn’t a violent abomination hell bent on destroying our main cast and stealing an item that could help destabilise the continued existence of humanity. Bit of a jerk move if you ask me.


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