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Ollie Revolution – SK8 the Infinity (Episode Two) – Season’s Writings

Word travels fast in the skateboarding scene, and after the complete unknown rookie Langa defeated the champion Shadow, social media has been set abuzz about the mysterious, blue-haired skater who conquered the downhill jam of the S race. All of the skaters across Okinawa now know about Langa and, as we come to find out, that has now put a target of sorts on his back in the skateboarding world.

This weeks episode focused primarily on the growing friendship between Reki and Langa, as Reki aims to teach him how to properly ride a skateboard—without having to tape his feet to the deck like he did during the S race. Langa struggles due to a number of reasons: for one, he rides goofy style, and he is mentally still set in his ways with his snowboarding background. As the episode progresses, though, we see Langa improve slowly but surely—after suffering more than his fair share of bumps and bruises. When he finally hits an ollie near the end of the episode, it was a truly feel-good moment that anyone who has skated and had to learn the ollie can relate to.

We also get introduced to a lot of the other skaters in town as we see the S racers going about their normal lives, which exist almost in extreme juxtaposition to their underground-skateboarding personality (especially when it comes to Shadow, who seems to be florist in his daily life).

I loved the little things in the episode and the way it details certain aspects of skateboarding culture and life. When Reki talks about the revolution of the ollie and how it completely changed the game for skateboarding—and what was thought to be possible—it was a truly awesome scene. I also found it funny how they were constantly having to run from the authorities as they tried to skate, something that is rather true to life in Japan—where skateboarding is still a taboo pastime, despite its rise in popularity in the country in recent years.

The episode concluded with the appearance of a National Skateboarding Pro, who has abruptly challenged Langa to “beef” with him on the S race. Langa, of course, looks flabbergasted, but it seems next week we will see that race happen (judging by the preview). It seems the world of SK8 the Infinity is only starting to unfold; I’m excited to see what lies ahead.


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