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Ocean Supposedly Set to Dub Dragon Ball Z Kai


The legend begins again…again?

So Dragon Ball Z is a popular series. For a lot of people, it was one of the first anime they ever watched, before they even knew that anime was different to western cartoons. That’s how it was for me at least. Anyway, fans of DBZ may recall more than one dub existing. Though FUNimation’s dub is the longest running, one cannot look past the original Ocean dub. Thus we are brought to the news at hand. With DBZ Kai bringing the series a new life, it has been revealed via the Twitterverse that a second dub shall come to be. An Ocean dub. As of yet, only two of the supposed cast have supposedly been announced. Richard Ian Cox as Goku and Lee Tockar as Frieza, the latter being the source of the supposition in the first place.

Hopefully a more concrete cast list will hit soon, along with a little more detail regarding the dub in general. Will the Ocean dub again cut time in the name of censorship? What brought about the second dub in the first place? But, more importantly, will they re-use one of the greatest anime theme songs of all time? Will they, once again, Rock the Dragon?


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