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Not Ready to Die | To Your Eternity Episode 2

After spending the past week eagerly awaiting episode two of To Your Eternity to be released on Crunchyroll, I was pleased to see the series continue on strong as it edges slowly forward. There is no doubt about it that this show is intended to be a slow burn, but I am all for it—especially when it is this good.

Picking up where things left off last week, the mysterious immortal being has taken on the form of the boy from episode one. The being has been wandering slowly but surely for an indeterminate amount of time, and we learn that they had died several times—each time regenerating faster than the last. Eventually, the being makes its way into a forest area before being killed yet again, somewhat unceremoniously.

Things shift focus from there to a small tribal village, where we meet a rather rambunctious girl by the name of March. She really wants to grow up and be a mum, but unfortunately, as fate would have it, she is selected to be sacrificed as part of some ritual that the town, for reasons unknown, must follow. March, of course, isn’t too fond of the whole being-ritual-sacrificed-and-killed business and decides to flee.

She eventually runs into the immortal being who has died countless times for a variety of reasons. The being learns how to eat after March teaches them and she comes to take on a motherly relationship with the being, who still is unable to speak.

The episode ended on a bit of a curious note, as we are left hanging with March on the run with the being and some agents of the village out to find her and carry of the ritual. It was, overall, a slow-paced episode that is laying the groundwork for things to come. I am quite curious to see what will happen to March and the being; hopefully, for her sake, it doesn’t end up like the boy in episode one, but we shall see.


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