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New Blood Blockade Battlefront Trailer Showcases Cast


Here come the good guys

With the anime series on its way, Blood Blockade Battlefront has received a new trailer that shows off a few of the main characters as well as why this is looking to be a top series, apart from the fact that the name is just so much darn fun to say. As one might expect from a series with “blood” and “battle” in the title, the trailer features action, explosions, punching of stuff and a bunch of cool looking men and women causing all around awesomeness. So sit back and enjoy the mayhem. Though if your feeling a touch curious, you could always check out the seiyuu for the series. I’ll just leave the list right here.

Klaus Von Reinhertz: Rikiya Koyama
Leonardo Watch: Daisuke Sakaguchi
Zap Renfro: Kazuya Nakai
Chain Sumeragi: Yu Kobayashi
Steven A. Starphase: Mitsuru Miyamoto
K.K.: Ai Orikasa
Gilbert F. Altstein: Shinji Ogawa
Sonic Speed Monkey: Yuuma Uchida
Femt, the king of depravity: Akira Ishida


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