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‘Mighty No.9’ Animated Series Announced + Inafune Sets Up New Kickstarter Campaign


The lords of pop culture are truly smiling down upon us. It’s a Monday over here in Australia so it is Sunday over in North America, that means Anime Expo is still in full swing and, like all pop culture conventions, it’s going to go out with a bang! The legendary Keiji Inafune held his very own panel at the expo over the weekend and there he announced some very exciting news regarding his latest video game project but, unlike the announcements that came before this, it has nothing to do with the ‘Mighty No.9’ game. Mr. Inafune and his associates revealed that they have plans to make their very own ‘Mighty No.9’ animated series. Isn’t this amazing!?

I’ll put money on it that no one from the Inafune fandom ever thought this is what the man would be announcing at Anime Expo 2014 but I’m sure a few had their suspicions. This shocked me but I’m so glad I was able to wake up to such a brilliant announcement! Digital Frontier, who are a Tokyo-based studio, have already been said to be spearheading the series and created a trailer specifically for the announcement at the panel. What’s even better about this reveal is that the series is being produced with a world-wide release in mind so the trailer we’ve been given is actually already dubbed in English with Japanese subtitles. Infune and his team also announced that they will be starting up a second Kickstarter campaign for the video game with their goal being to simply gather enough funds to add more to the game.

No money from this campaign will be put into the animated series. Do know that this is strictly for the ‘Mighty No.9’ game. The first and only stretch goal that has been revealed is for full English voice acting in the game. The target set on it is $100,000. Head over to the games official site to check out any more information and to help support the game. You can get to it by Clicking Here. Don’t speed off just yet though, below you’ll be able to find both the ‘Mighty No.9’ animated series teaser trailer and a video message from Mr. Inafune himself regarding the new campaign.

Might No.9 animated series trailer:

A message from Keiji Inafune:


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