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Locked Away | To Your Eternity Episode 4

The being now has a name. After determining herself to be the being’s surrogate mother, March has named the being “Fushi”, which is derived from the Japanese word for Immortal. It is a pretty fitting title, and one that was put to the test this week.

After earning their freedom last week when Fushi defeated the giant bear, also known as Oniguma-sama, we see that freedom was short lived, as the Yanome folk ultimately lock up March, Parona, and Fushi—despite promising to free them.

We learn that the Yanome people have been intentionally manipulating and controlling the information flow and educational growth of the people of Ninnanah, in order to keep them subservient and under the thumb of the Yanome. How long this has been going on for is implied to be for generations.

While locked up by the Yanome, Fushi is experiemented on as countless prisoners are sent in to attempt to kill him—to no avail, of course. Throughout all this, Fushi is slowly learning more and more. Parona had pondered earlier in the episode: what is the meaning and purpose of life if one can never die? Perhaps we will come to see as the series progresses.

The episode comes to its climax with Parona staging a breakout; looking to be about to free March and Fushi from the castle. It seems there will be some back and forth between both sides in the coming weeks as our heroes seek their freedom.

I found this to be a bit of a cool-down episode, but one that posed interesting scenarios and ideas worth contemplating on. Next week seems to be following the group as they evade the Yanome folk, which is sure to be interesting. Overall, I am enjoying the slow and deliberate pacing of the series and eagerly await the next instalment.


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