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Lightning Round – My Hero Academia Episode 21 – Season’s Writings

Danger! Danger!

With our Shonen protagonist sitting back until round two begins, it’s time to take a look at the other characters who fill out this quirky cast and watch them beat the tar out of each other. Come on, it’ll be fun. We don’t even have to listen to Todoroki talk about how terrible his father is. I promise.

So here we have it, the best of the rest. Is it a touch on the mean side to call these powerful students who are fighting with all they have to achieve their dreams “the rest”? Yes. Yes it is. But the series did it first. After all, they’re the ones who crammed five final matches into one episode. Last week had two and one of those was supposed to be frighteningly short. These fights are short, don’t get me wrong, however they are most certainly so to move the plot back to Midoriya and Todoroki. Or at least to Uraraka and Bakugo, oddly enough. Still, this is simply how series of this nature work and I am at least happy that the matches shown this episode are memorable in their own ways.

Shiozaki by any other name would be just as sweet

With Kaminari still playing the role of “guy who thinks he’s cooler than he is”, the first match we see serves to add a little more personality to Class 1-B. In a moment that truly showcases the tremendous acoustics of the Sports Festival Stadium, the thorn haired girl Shiozaki reveals herself to be a sweetheart of the highest level. Like, Disney princess level innocence. So…diabetics beware. The fight that follows furthers leans into the realm of comedy, in that it is simply not a fight. Tricked by the scene stealing Hatsume, Iida finds himself as a presentational aid in what is perhaps the most interesting sales pitch of all time. Now I have not personally seen many sales pitches in my life, but unless they too feature hover shoes, extendable poles and a self stabilising backpack, I will be very upset.

Mei Hatsume: Now with Amazing Hover Boot Action!

Ashido and Aoyama take to the stage next and really only serve to further Aoyama as the laughing stock of Class 1-A. Sure it shows that Ashido is actually pretty cool and packs one hell of a punch, but we all know that’s just a happy side effect. Though I have no problem with this breather episode before the series starts laying the heavy stuff on us again, I do hope that Aoyama receives a little social boost at some point in the future. Dude can shoot a laser from his stomach. Let’s give him some redeeming characteristics shall we? You’ve done it for a lot of others after all. But I digress…kind of. The final fight of this episode keeps the same pace all things considered, barring the difference that both sides in Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu are goofballs. And yet, there is something ultimately satisfying about seeing this comedic rivalry further unfold. Since the beginning of the Sports Festival, we have seen these two students struggle with the fact that they are mirror images of each other. Their personalities, their powers, their attitudes, near copies of each other. But who copied who? Who is the manliest man? Who is the strongest? Who Quirk is the toughest? Well…we still have no idea. Because they decked each other. Proving once and for all that perfectly symmetrical violence has never solved anything.

Jumping back a fight, and delving into the more serious side of this episode, we are once again witness to the sheer power of Tokoyami. Pushing Yaoyorozu out of bounds without her even realising is impressive on its own, let alone when Midoriya explains that Tokoyami also took great care to not hurt his opponent in the slightest. Though yet another quick fight in a slew of the things, this one stands out in that it is not a comedic affair. Yaoyorozu is simply dejected and Tokoyami respectfully bows before leaving the field. It’s all just so…sombre.

A harder battle was never fought

And there you have it folks. A jam packed episode jam packed with all the fighting you could ever want from all the people who you probably kind of like and sometimes remember the names of. Man it feels bad to say that. But it’s true. Regardless of the high points of each fight, the story is oh so clearly eager to return to the clash between Midoriya and Todoroki that has been destined ever since Todoroki said so a few episodes ago. That being said, there still lies a rather interesting clash in our very near future: Uraraka vs Bakugo. Honestly wouldn’t have picked this one, but it certainly opens the door for a new side of Uraraka. A concerned side. A determined side. A side that hopefully knows how to stop, drop and roll. Because I’m pretty sure Bakugo literally does not know the meaning of the word moderation.

It’s fine now. Why? Because My Hero Academia is on Crunchyroll


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