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Legacy Weapon | My Hero Academia Episode 98

Cool whip.

And so, we now return you to your regularly scheduled Midoriya drama. Yep, not five minutes back in focus and Midoriya is already busting up the 1-A–1-B matches with some new, decidedly interesting lore. Remember how Midoriya is the ninth wielder of One For All? Well, turns out the previous eight weren’t all Quikless…who’da thunk? I mean, the idea probably should have crossed our minds (congrats if it did for you), but it’s a pretty neat twist on what has already been established. Thisis what I love about this series: none of the twists and revelations seem tacked on, like they’re new ideas that forcible retcon everything. Each discovery feels like…a discovery. A piece of information that we didn’t know but was always true. Our data was based solely on All Might and the first wielder: they were Quirkless, just like Midoriya. It was an assumption that One For All was a torch passed on to those who were born without the power to fight the Villains that plagued it. We were wrong.

And so, it turns out that Jack from Madworld was a previous holder of One For All, with his Quirk, Blackwhip, explosively manifesting and kicking this whole legacy shake-up off. As rough-and-tumble as the guy looks, his lingering spirit seems genuinely supportive of Midoriya, giving him advice on how to begin wielding his new power. I’m personally a fan of how he tells Midoriya that anger isn’t an innate evil that he should avoid, but a source of strength he should learn to control. I’ve just never been a big fan of anime that insist that characters should never, ever fight angry: half of the time their friends and family are in mortal peril, characters are going to be a touch irked. Anyway, it’s also interesting to see how One For All is far deeper than we assumed; not only in its multi-Quirk nature, but in the strengthening presence of the previous holders within it. These spirits span back to the dawn of the Quirk; throughout the history of All For One: that’s gotta be useful. Also, probably pretty terrifying, given that All For One was able to sense One For All’s awakening. That…that’s probably going to come back in a big way.

P.S. I still don’t like Monoma. Though the match wasn’t cancelled after Midoriya’s outburst, the dude still leapt at the chance to attack an obviously rattled, possibly injured person. Also, his “bonding” with Shinso over their perceived-as-evil Quirks cam across as a much less likable reflection of when Aoyama did the same to Midoriya.

P.P.S. I just…I just really don’t like Monoma.


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