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Knokkin’ on Death’s Door | To Your Eternity Episode 11

After the shocking time skip that closed out last week’s episode of To Your Eternity, I was surprised to see that the episode that followed it spent most of its run time catching up with the characters and having them finally connect the dots of their shared histories. This “Gugu Arc” has proved to have some major highs and lows and just as it has started to feel as though it is spinning its wheels, the episode ends on a very literal cliffhanger as the deadly Knokkers decide to rock back up again.

The majority of this weeks runtime is dedicated to building a false sense of security. The Knokkers have apparently not attacked in the four year time skip and the characters have been living peacefully ever since. Rean has come around to her feelings for Gugu and with her imminent sixteenth birthday party on the horizon, her parents will be forcing her into marriage, as is the tradition. There is a bit of back and forth of both Gugu and Rean trying to get the message across to the other that they want to be together, but naturally they can’t quite spit it out.

Eventually, things take a turn at Rean’s birthday party where the truth comes out about just about everything. She learns that Gugu was the one who saved her as a child and, in doing so, permanently disfigured his face in the accident. She learns that Gugu was the boy she had given her ring to at the marketplace when they were both children. All of these miraculous encounters have a feeling of fate: almost as if they are destined for one another. Just as they are about to come to some kind of common understanding about their mutual love, the Knokkers suddenly attack and break the balcony they are standing on. Gugu pushes Rean to safety and we end with Gugu literally hanging from the cliff, seemingly about to fall to his death on the rocks below.

I think we are well and truly in the final stage of the Gugu Arc now, with everything out in the open and the characters’ emotional journeys at their natural end point. I think old mate Gugu may not survive next week’s proceedings, judging by the series’ history thus far. Fushi will need to put what he has learned in those 4 years to use if he hopes to save Gugu and Rean from what seems to be an even more powerful Knokker than ever encountered thus far. I know Gugu has been waving a red flag above his head for the past couple episodes now, but I would like to see him have a happy ending. Is that too much to ask? Or is pain all I can hope for?


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