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Hostile Takeover | My Hero Academia Episode 112

New management.

And so continues the Shigaraki show…the dark, twisted Shigaraki show. Let me start by saying this: I understand what MHA is going for in its commentary on a fictional society that is based on a factual society, but I still reserve the right to not totally empathise with a guy who destroyed half of a city because he remembered some bad stuff. That being said, exploring the impact mundane elements have on a super-powered society is still very interesting. Sure, Shigaraki is an absolute force of destruction and hatred, but that was all born from his father overcompensating for his own trauma. On top of that, Shigaraki’s mental state was damaged by a lack of empathy even before it was corrupted by perhaps the most self-serving character in history. I know that there is a strong delineation between fact and fiction—like how we can all praise the Heroism of Deku, whilst knowing that we absolutely would not have the courage to run into the literal maw of danger—but I would like to imagine that somebody would help a lone child wandering the street, especially if that children was covered in blood of an unknown origin. Real world aside, nobody even attempting to help young Shigaraki is a pretty damning mark against Hero society, a world bathed in the notion that “someone else has got this”.

Flipping to the other side of time, the future is looking sorta grim for the MHA world at large. With perhaps the shortest span of “big bad” status, Re-Destro now humbly (almost embarrassingly so) works for Shigaraki. Also, Shigaraki now has the numbers of the Meta Liberation Army under his command and the funding of Detnerat (Re-Destro’s public-facing company) behind him. Also, Gigantomachia has accepted Shigaraki as the successor to All For One. Also…probably some other even worse stuff I’m not thinking of right now. Is it impressive how far the League has come? Sure. Is it good that they’ve come so far? No. I mean, ol’ Hand Face is so far off the deep end that he rebranded everyone under his control to the Paranormal Liberation Front. Dude’s not even limiting himself to just destroying the rules and norms of the series itself. That’s…that’s some next-level evil. Still, let it never be said that MHA doesn’t make a compelling narrative. All that bluster about using Gigantomachia to destroy the Liberation Front? Pointless. Shigaraki just wrecked shop and claimed his enemy as his own; which, despite being obviously evil, is metal as hell.

P.S. Though sad, I like how Twice wasn’t immediately cured because somebody pushed him past his breaking point. That’s not how “fixing” an issue works.


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